Saithyx Arenya, The Golden Dragonhunter

By Xantes on September 16th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
1 2
2 0
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This lovely lady is my main. I love her to death, so I clad her in gold and made her look like a pit fighting Valkyrie. Plus she's my character who reps her Order, The Vigil, so she also looks very Commander :3


I decided to comment on this look of yours because its my favorite one ... i do have some general critique for you though!
First of all to the look: I really like the armor-comb you chose and how you used the golden colour to highlight the ornaments!!! The black colour takes out the excitement though. I suggest adding a third colour to the leg- and chestpiece to add some more details.

Now to my general critique:
Instead of rushing the upload for all of your looks, you should take much more time for a good presentation of each one!
On every look you only have a few screens from the same location. Try to find different nice places, play around with the camera options and do some cool posing to create some good screenshots.
Presenting your looks properly makes a huge difference on the votes you will receive! So take your time to upload each look!
2016-09-16 13:09

Elessar Taralom
I can only encourage what Hylek told you: quality > quantity
Take your time to upload looks that are well done (screens, description etc) rather than just throwing a lot at us at once

For the look: I like the mix of armour pieces and her skin tone makes her stand out in the overall human female meta, but the dyes could need some work as the solid black doesn´t really do your look any favours
Maybe invest in a dye like "Charred" or drop the gold to get smth more fitting for the black dyes, but as it is now the contrast is a bit too high to be pleasant to look at
2016-09-17 19:11