Ember Crystal

By Roamin on July 30th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
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Hey all!

It's been a while since my last post, I've been a bit occupied by Overwatch since it was released.

soo, with the living story season 3 patch came a new helm, and I finally saw a potential to use my Scarlet's shoulders/gloves in a heavy looking set to my elementalist!
I still had some difficulties finding a chest and legpiece i really liked, but I think it turned out alright.
Ever since I got my Kaiser Weapons I've been running around with those, and even though they aren't really matching the theme, I still wanted them to fit somewhat in, which is one of the big reasons I went for this ember kinda theme. also it fits well with a fire ele :)
I'm not showing the kaiser weapons in this post as they aren't actually a part of this look.

Hope you enjoy :)

Edit; main image is without SweetFX or any form of editing.


Elessar Taralom
I actually wasn´t the biggest fan of this headpiece, but seeing this outfit you created around it I am definitely convinced!
It´s cool that you went and took another approach than White Mantle and the way you matched the crown with the shoulders and gloves is simply genius, so creative!
Even the boots fit right in, you stayed true to your overall topic and it really payed out
The dye scheme is superb and your weapon and mini choice are an added bonus
It´s good to see you back with such amazing screens and an overall stunning upload, gold ^^
2016-07-30 14:14

Fashion Collector
Excellent screenshots and great style.
2016-07-30 16:28

I didn't really like the look of the new headpiece, but this looks really amazing. The way the colours and the different styles go together is just amazing. Gold for you!
2016-07-30 16:38

Fashion Guru
Dude wtf this looks awesome. Gold
2016-07-30 17:31

Fashion Guru
Glad you guys like it :)
2016-07-30 17:36

The headpiece goes amazinlgy well with the scarlet skins!
I love the armor-comb and the dyes your chose!
As you said yourself, very fitting for a fire ele ;D
Gold from me!
2016-07-30 19:26

Fashion Collector
Very original. Don't have anything else to add that hasn't been already mentioned. Here , try not to melt this Gold. :)
2016-07-30 23:02

Wow, this is so awesome!
I just love everything about your look. I really like that there is so much metal in the armor pieces, which fit so well together. The dyes are perfect as well and you screens, they are simply amazing!
Now I really feel, that I have to get this headpiece too xD
Take all my gold for this!^^
2016-07-31 10:52

absolutely stunnning.
the headpiece fits so perfectly to the scarlet armor and DAMN those dyes are dope! this is the best look i've seen with that headpiece so far :) it fits perfectly to your asura.
i really love this look!
2016-07-31 13:52

Very original, nice dyes and screenshots :)
Good job!
2016-07-31 14:27

Fashion Guru
thanks all, for the kind words :D
2016-08-01 13:29

Fashion Collector
Amazing combination!

I'm a big fan of the headpiece. My Elementalist has it too now, but I built a look more appealing to wind and lightning :)
2016-08-01 14:34

Fashion Guru
I thought about making mine Wind/Lightning based aswell, since I'm running fresh air most of the time.
I do however switch to staff (fire) once in a while, and as I said in the description, I wanted the kaiser weapons to fit somewhat in, as I used a lot of time farming for those and can't part with them :)
2016-08-01 15:34 in reply to Nemo

Fashion Guru
This looks perfect. *-*
The mask fits perfectly with the scarlet pieces. Like they were made together. Love the metallic aspect and the amber colors, but also the beautiful screens!
Another gold for you ^-^
2016-08-11 20:27

This would be the first time I actually like that headpiece... Well done for sure!
2016-08-20 11:01

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