Miasmic Engineer - Human Male Engineer

By Jukebosscat on December 3rd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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2 6
1 0
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Hello all! This is my engineers new look. While not raiding in GW2 I enjoy messing around with all my characters aesthetics. I personally have to feel like I look good to enjoy the game, I am weird like that. I have had some requests about it in game so I felt like I should share it for the community to enjoy! Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions welcomed.

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Looks great!
The armor comb and dyes are very cool!!!
Personally i dont like the backpiece, but thats a matter of taste i guess. What doesnt fit tho, are the pistols ... i know you would not not use legis, but still it doesnt match the rest of your style ;P
But awesome style overall :D
2015-12-03 10:38

Thank you! I know exactly what you mean about the backpiece. I actually struggled for a very long time trying to decide which backpiece fit best. This was the closest to a fit as I could get it. Though admittedly I sometimes hide the backpiece altogether since the back of the bladed chest looks so neat IMO. Sometimes less is more.

I also personally like the clash of colors Quip provides to the set. Maybe I am just biased though because I love Quip! :D

Thanks for the input!
2015-12-03 11:18 in reply to Hylek

Very nice! I love the colors :)
2015-12-03 14:26

Thank you so much!
2015-12-03 15:01 in reply to Acethyle