Rohan Inspired Champion

By Align on November 26th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
13 5
1 0
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New look slightly inspired by Theoden from LOTR.

Wanted something that would go really well with my Flameseeker Prophecies, so went with a warm gold and brown colour scheme.


Awesome concept!
Awesome dye-job!!!!!!!!
The gallant weapons are very fitting for that subtle theme, and even the legi fits ... but pls hide that backpiece it looks so terribly off ^^
Gold from me for everything except the backpiece xD
2015-11-26 9:37

Yeah, sometimes I forget to hide the backpiece because the shield hides it haha :D
2015-11-26 10:10 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Fantastic! The dyes are absolutely great here!
Considering the backpiece is easily hidden, that's just a minor issue. Good job!
2015-11-26 14:01

Thank you Tetrama, I'm kind of also on the lookout for another backpiece that fits better since the back of the Primeval Warplate has that weird scary face on it :D
2015-11-26 15:09 in reply to Tetrama

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I like your armor mix, and I can really see your inspiration. The dyes are nice but I think it's lacking a bit of colour. I'd like to see a deep/muted green or red in there (maybe midnight green or heirloom.) Nevertheless it's gold from me
2015-11-26 19:30