Electro-glow Engineer II

By ratfeast on September 15th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
13 10
8 0
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I manager to get (now) 4 colors of choice with the third anniversary of several characters. I added the 4th color in (electro-lemon, electro-blue not shown) the build, the other choices are suggestions from the community, the Evergreen Coat and Noble Monocle. I changed gloves to Toxic, which gives some interesting effects. Her weapons are all Scientific,


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2015-09-15 18:47

First Style Supporter
Thanks Khudal, electro-dyes are great on Sylvari.
2015-09-15 20:03

Fashion Guru
Great look but the weapons don't fit at all. Silver.
2015-09-15 22:52

Fashion Guru
I honestly don't like the dye job. There are too many things going on in the screenshot that I cannot read the mood of the outfit at all. Is it supposed to be cartoonish or psychedelic? cheerful or eccentric? 90's techno or futuristic steampunk? Austin Powers or James Bond?...
2015-09-16 2:43

Mix of electro dyes fits perfectly to Sylvari in my opinions ^^
I'm so jealous about that color sheme, personally I stuck in dark theme or white+some pastel colors, I can't create something so light and colorful as you did.
Also intersting mix of armor ;) I think that shiny elements from Scientific weapons fits to your theme perfectly.
I'm just not sure about screens place, I would rather go to LA, roof from Grand Piazza has similar design as your look :D
Overall I like it, is different and unique :)
2015-09-16 7:19

First Style Supporter
More like a Slyvari's psychedelic steampunk, definitely more Austin Powers. Good question, I didn't think about it like that.
2015-09-16 7:19

First Style Supporter
You're right, morriganiontko, I'll got some pics in LA.,including some impossible shots
2015-09-16 9:10

i see you decided to use the noble mask ;D
nice combo and colours, gold :)
2015-09-16 10:27

Fashion Collector
I love it personnaly. I think it is very original and very colorful.
2015-09-16 10:31

First Style Supporter
Thanks for the support, guys; and those of you that didn't like it, I really appreciated the comments. Nothing is more depressing than getting a copper and not knowing why.
2015-09-16 12:03

Ahh I really like your screens from LA!
Can you take me on date to thant unavailable places hahahaha? :D
2015-09-17 9:33