Blood Ruby Dragon Hunter

By ratfeast on September 20th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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Kandi Cain has come a long way since her inception as a Guardian. She is now one of my hardest hitting and most survivable characters. These are a new look for her as she moves into Bloodstone Fen. I used mostly Bladed and a Mistward mix for her armor, with a few odd pieces thrown in. Dyes are in the red and black with red highlights families (mostly Shadow Magenta and Rosewood) I decided that Grizzlemouth's antique look worked best, along with the equivalent torch. I was surprised that the weapons I had crafted looked so good. And for the sword, I liked Bolt, whose particle effects add to any encounter. I used Phoenix wings. I know that black and red have been done a lot, but the Shadow Magenta added such a good "glow" to the armor that I had to go for it. I hope you like the result.


ohh i like it!^^
can't resist cute characters in badass outfits :D
the armor combo looks really cool. the combination of black and red is very common but it looks really nice.
maybe i would have chosen different boots that are less spiky but that's just a small complaint.
regarding the screens it is quite hard to really see her armor in there because there is so much going on in the back ground. but i can clearly see it in the login screen and i definitely like it!^^ so you get a gold: :P
2016-09-21 8:17

First Style Supporter
Thank you Chro. It was hard to pick scenes where there wasn't a lot going on! But I see what you mean, I use max settings, which means a lot of particle effects. What boots would you recommend?
2016-09-21 13:26

you don't have to change the boots!^^ it's not like they don't fit at all, they are just more spiky than the rest of the armor pieces.
but if you want me to recommend some.. i'd probably pick the ornate guild greaves. they are quite detailed and also make slender legs unlike most other boots :) but that's just my opinion. this outfit looks really cool!^^
2016-09-21 14:15

Elessar Taralom
I really like the flow of the headpiece and the shoulders in particular, they go together like they´d belong to one set
Yeah, the dyes could need a little finesse maybe, I think a third dye here and there would already suffice, but I´d say you compensated for this really well with the overall presentation, gold ^^
2016-09-21 18:01

First Style Supporter
Thanks, Elessar Taralom, I was initially afraid to go with the Draconic Helm and Avengers Shoulderplates, because they are considered "starter armor", but they went so well together and with the whole outfit, I had to go with it. I'd like some feedback. what dye would you try and where would you put it? And unfortunately, I don't have those boots, but I'll look into them Chro.
2016-09-21 23:49

I really love the Armor Mix and the colors, i am always a fan of the Mistward Armor Set anyway. The colors make a great contrast to the bluish skills of the guardian. I am just a bit sad about the weapon choices, for this style the bloodstone weapon skins would make a perfect match.
2016-09-22 6:21

First Style Supporter
Thank you curlcira. Unfortunately, I tried the bloodstone weapons and the just didn't look good with a female character.
2016-09-23 19:10

Elessar Taralom
I´d maybe try smth like Charred or one of the dark grey dyes like Iron
2016-09-24 7:01 in reply to ratfeast