The Poison

By The Poison on June 13th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
5 13
10 1
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My main character since the three-day headstart.

I do realise that the scarf and tier 3 armor are used very often, but I like it nontheless.

Also: No filter's were used ( #nofilter #allnatural #beach #sun #greenwater #bamboo #nature #iphone #hashtag #sarcasm)


She is pretty indeed, tho i dont feel like you will stand out of the crowd for the exact same reason you mentioned ... its used too often ^^
Personally i prefer the scarf dyed in only one colour, in this case i would suggest the brown dye to keep the colours subtle.
id like to see more screens :D some from char-select or hero panel would be nice so we can see your comb in neutral light.
Still, the comb is very nice and never gets ugly :D
2015-06-13 15:28

Fashion Guru
I like this combo, and yea its a reason why its common ^^ But I dont like the scarf to be honest :/ Love the rest tho and great job with the dyes :)
2015-06-13 17:29

For me it's nothing wrong to have overused combination ^^
I like it, even with two colors scarf :D
2015-06-13 19:29

Fashion Guru
It looks nice ;) Some more spots for the screens would make it even better ;)
2015-06-29 7:51