Varja Klar

By Adondan on June 6th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
11 15
5 0
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I loved the look of the Aetherblade leggins, so I created this style based on it!
There are only few chest pieces which don't cover the skirt completely, but I think the result is pretty good-looking :)
Fortunately the ugly parts of the gloves are removed by the chest armor.

What's your opinion?


Fashion Collector
great basic look :D
2015-06-06 2:11

Fashion Collector
She looks lovely, however the weapons and the quiver do not really match in my opinion, something a bit more simplistic would fit in more. Though investing so much into the weapons one can understand that you want to flaunt them whenever and wherever possible.
2015-06-06 2:27

Fashion Guru
The combination is unique. It's simple, but I like it. I'd agree with Rajayali that the weapons don't seem to fit in. Playing a bit with dyes to bring some of the tones from your weapons into the armor might help tie it all together.
2015-06-06 2:48

Thanks for your nice comments!
I agree that the weapons don't fit perfectly. I had them before I changed the look and the reason I still use them is simply prestige...
2015-06-06 3:12

Fashion Guru
More gold dye! I think the combo is amazing, but u need to find a way to match up the weapons..more gold dye :D
And the coat piace is so basic..more vibrant colors would be better. These browns are flat and a little bit boring :I
silver for me ;D
2015-06-06 3:42

Fashion Guru
I agree with Elainia, maybe play around with dyes to make the weapons fit better. But otherwise the look is really cool! And what a beautiful face :D
2015-06-06 3:43

Fashion Guru
I really like your work! I love that it's simple but very elegant ;) I agree on adding a bit of gold, but it's like that already gold for me!
2015-06-06 6:04

I love how well the top and gloves works together ^^
I agree with comments above
It's very simple and pretty unique look, like it a lot! :)
2015-06-06 6:24

I saw you in LA yesterday and thought ... hmm funny name and nice armor xDxDxD
And today i see you here ... srsly XD
Okay now. apart from the weapon discussion i really love the simple look and dyes!!! Also the hairstyle matches very well :D
2015-06-06 8:08

Haha, nice! Are you on Abaddon's Mouth too?
Great you like it :)

Where do you think I should add gold dye? It just seems wrong to me to dye non-metal parts gold...(Unfortunately it's not possible to dye the metal elements of the chest :S)
2015-06-06 15:43

Yeah Abaddon's Mouth rulez xD
Do you have twinks using the name Varja? Ive seen some with these name :O
2015-06-06 16:27

Nope, it's not even my main ;)
One of the best names I ever came up with though :D
2015-06-06 17:57

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2015-06-06 23:34