Thorned Combatant

By xerrith on May 30th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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6 13
4 0
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Finished the look I wanted for my warrior. Using the Carapace BP with dark green detailing to have a "vine" motif at the core of my character. Barbaric arms & legs were used for their spikes to symbolize the thorns. Wreath of cooperation and the raggedy cloth on the scallywag's waist is supposed to give a more leafy feel to complete the vines and thorns. Flower on the head is just a cherry on top.


It has a weathered yet clean look about it, if that makes any sense. The combinations
definately intrigue me, I'd love to see a frontal login screenie to get a better look on the
colors you used, in one light it looks black the other silver and you have not specified
them. She does look ready for HoT!
2015-05-31 6:10

That's really good feedback-- I'll go ahead and add a login screen picture since the environment / lighting effects definitely change up the colors on the armor. Thank you :)
2015-05-31 12:47

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
Very well done with the subtle colors. I like how the dynamic changes in the snow environment vs the jungle or swamp.

I'm not a big fan of the quality difference between the leggings and the top, but that's on ArenaNet, not you.

I'll say this deserves gold.
2015-06-09 14:58