Migg Icewolf and her puppy

By Migg on May 30th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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9 21
3 1
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This is Migg Icewolf,
She is a female norn who a found a lost arctic fox kit that was looking for some food in a haven.

Since then, the fox usually follows her everywhere she goes, but since she is with him, she is is not fighting much because she has to feed the lost fox.


I hope you like it! :D Thought the ascended shield was perfect for those dyes :)

Would love some feedback, I'm not 100% sure about the shoulders dyes.
About the helmet, I usually hide or unhide it, but normally I have it hidden because it makes her bold from behind a bit :|

Anyways, have a nice day!


Nice comb and gj on the dyes :D
I LOVE her tattoos showing!!!! :O
2015-05-30 8:54

Thanks, Hylek ^^
About the tattoos, yeah, same angle in perfect place. The other parts of the tattoo cannot be seen with that armor.
2015-05-30 9:41

Fashion Collector
Looks awesome! It's a combo often seen but your dyes make it look special. :)

The only thing with the helmet is that the dyes seem a bit more orange (?) to me. Idk if it's my screen calibration but perhaps you could take a look at it. :P I love how her hair color matches the dyes, so without the helm looks very good too.
2015-05-30 11:54

I love dye job ^^
And that screens with fox- cuuute :3
2015-05-30 11:58

Fashion Guru
I love the screen with the fox, and the comb looks amazing
2015-05-30 12:38

Thank you all :)
@Groggie: Hmmm, yeah, you are right, the helmet seems a little bit more orangish, I will have to check if there's other that fits more. I didn't notice about that before ^^
2015-05-30 12:44

lovely *-* I especially like her outfit with the helmet on!
2015-05-31 11:30

Ty ;)
2015-05-31 11:44

Muesli King
Fashion Collector
U got me with the little fox! Nice colorcombo!
2015-08-19 10:33

Thanks, Muesli King :D
2015-08-19 13:41