A modern Migg Icewolf

By Migg on June 27th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
8 9
2 0
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Music for the look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UENq6v9bH-o


I'm not playing too much Guild Wars 2 lately, but I decided to change my guardian's look.
This time I changed her with a Total Makeover Kit, you can see how she was before in her latest look: http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=11086
Also every armor piece is different, except that she is still not showing the shoulders armor piece.
As you probably know I usually try to do realistic looks, but this time I changed it a bit, I wanted something special, modern…; but still realistic (no shiny things or super big things). I even wanted to do some “artistic” screenshots, however I made sure to put more than enough screenshots to be able to rate the character look.
I had a lot of fun taking the screenshots, I’ve tried a way to make the character have a different position that I never tried before as you can see in the picture where she is resting in the rock in the shadow. Also being commander and using the lights of the markers to make those red-purple-blue screenshots.
This character is a Guardian (Dragonhunter to be specific) so you know that if you don’t want to show the aegis it is a problem, that is why I didn’t upload any “action” screenshot as I like to do, however I tried my best not showing the aegis.

For this look I'm using (Only counting the visible pieces obviously):
3 different armor sets and 6 dyes.

As I liked a lot this look I decided to make a drawing of her. I started painting it with a phone app named “Keep”, its main objective is to take notes but there you can also paint a bit; I started it just for fun in a joke way but I continued it and falling in love with it. Later I started improving it with the computer with the program Paint.NET using my mouse. It is the same program I use to edit my screenshots, but in a future I will try to use Photoshop if everything goes well :)

Every screenshot has been edited at least a bit, except the character selection’s one. I’m sorry for not adding a lore story about the character but I hope you understand that writing one of a not Guild Wars 2 lore is harder than a character that would be realistic, plus I recognise that I’m not the best writing.

If you have any idea to improve something, question or…WHATEVER in general don’t be shy to leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow me so you don’t miss any of my future looks! :D
I hope you have a very good day!


Im Jelqing
About time someone creates a female toon that doesn't look slutty-whorish, you're the first so far. Everything about the armor looks realistic and not fantasy-like. Your character also look like someone who could exist in real life, I'm giving this top gold this is amazing thank you.
2017-06-27 16:37

Fashion Guru
I love her face: the way her lipstick goes with her glasses and hair beads is very nice. I'm not entirely convinced by how modern the look is but out of all the heavy skins this is probably as close as you can get! The armour is a little meta for my tastes but you have dyed it in some very subtle natural browns which work very well with her simple weapons.
Screenshots are hands-down wonderful. I love the in game ones and your drawing, the poster and the one of her playing (a banjo?) are really fun and go with your mosern theme very well. Gold :)
2017-06-28 4:55

Fashion Guru
I like your screens very much, this one https://imgur.com/a2EH7Io the most.
The armor mix isn't by my taste, it seems incompatible to me to combine a modern style (hair with pink beads, glasses and aetherblade pant) with classic norn style (Braham's chest + boots). Maybe if it wasn't dyed in brown but instead in some modern color mix it would give a different vibe. So this would be my only reproach.
Still I think this is gold worth post :)
2017-06-28 9:18

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I like this concept very much miggs. the screens is no doubt awesome. however i do not feel the glasses for this particularly look. the dyes are cool and the drawings are something new and fun ^^ gold
2017-06-29 12:41

Skyr Dreymi
This is a wonderful modern look. Anyhow, I think Katushka is right about the colours, they limit this modern look. I don't think it has to be flashy or sth, even a dark brown or black on her top could give this a more modern feeling.
2017-07-01 5:00

Thanks for the comments, I wonder what are the thoughts of the people voting copper and not making a comment.
There is literally no other heavy leggings that looks like modern leggings. And the chest piece is a bit strange because on some dyes it has some parts that turns into other color, like green or orange I don't know why.
2017-07-06 7:29

Fashion Collector
I love the colours! Browns and whites always looks so natural and modest together, very pretty! I like the more modern feel to the look.
2017-08-25 5:14

Dyes were hard to choose, it has that issue that the same piece would look different or with other color in some of the pieces.
Thanks for the comment!
2017-08-25 9:03 in reply to TheKimmynator