Alluring Warrior

By Elainia on May 8th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
7 15
6 0
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I changed my warrior. I think her new look matches the personality I image her having. Any thoughts or suggestions for dyes would be appreciated.

Right now the dyes are tungsten, violent tint, and shadow violet.


Fashion Guru
I really think you need to match the silver in the chest with the silver on the front of the bottoms. Either way would work, but it just needs a little bit more cohesion in the pieces. They work surprisingly well, otherwise! Good work.
2015-05-08 1:27

Fashion Guru
I agree with what thephantonfly said. Maybe use a different weapon too? And another undertone to make details pop kore
2015-05-08 2:43

Fashion Guru
I agree with thephantonfly. Another weapons yes, but its not a bad combo
2015-05-08 4:09

Apart from the dye-discussion, where i agree with thephantomfly, i am very surprised how well the arah legs go together with the whispers chest! Though im not toally sure about the gloves.
Still very original look :)
2015-05-08 9:20