Orr Traveller

By Elainia on May 18th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
9 8
3 0
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I've never been happy with my sylvari necro. As much a liked my last bug-inspired look, it got old fast and didn't really fit at all lore wise.

So, this is my latest outfit. I think I'm reasonably content with it, but I'm definitely looking for opinions or suggestions.

I don't really want her armor to look like a leaves growing off of her. She's a necromancer, but I think of her more being a student of the dark arts rather than being "one" with death or necessarily evil. I use her mostly for gathering and farming events in orr, so I feel like the look "fits" RP-wise. But I'm looking forward to any thoughts you might have.

Thanks in advance!

(I'm using midnight green, olive tint, and onset dyes. I'll update more specifically soon!!)


I like it :)
2015-05-18 6:53

Fashion Guru
I think id go for different boots that look more leathery and heavy.
Orr is full of poisonous stuff, corals, pointy rocks and grasping hands. If you travel trough it on a regular basis i feel like protective boots are one of the first items you are really glad to have.

2015-05-18 8:42

Gewreid +1!!!!
I feel like you could use some more ornamental gloves aswell. Like if they carry an artifact she found and ties to her gloves to better summon dark magics.
And i like the shiny green bits on your chest! You should try to add that tone on other pieces!
Else its a nice comb for what you wanted to create :D
2015-05-18 9:27

Fashion Guru
I never seen some look like that, good job, gold for me
2015-05-19 3:32

First Style Supporter
Creepy, I love it. Very dark, nicely done.
2015-06-21 8:55

Can I suggest trying forgeman, trickster, vigil, aetherblade (if you have it ofc) boots instead of the ones you're currently using? They're more heavy-duty looking which seems to go along with the rest of your skins here. Even with the current skins it looks really nice, and if you don't change the boots it's still just fine c:
2015-08-26 19:26