Warrior Wizard!

By SentientDawn on March 5th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
Vote Breakdown
3 9
7 1
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I like my warrior, but I could use some help with the dyes, as I am partially colourblind, and any suggestions for gloves.
In the additional images I put on CoF boots, and I think those go really well.
I haven't seen this look anywhere, and almost never see the witch's hat, but I think it fits the shoulders and T3.


Fashion Guru
Im not just saying this mate but that colour combo is something i hav never seen before and it works! Just a small request...Could you add some more pics in daylight as well? Keep up the good work
2015-03-05 3:15

Fashion Collector
Is it a warrior wizzard or a wizzard warrior ? :D
2015-03-05 4:39

Fashion Collector
The colours are ok together I think, , but maybe you could use a 3rd one in your color scheme, perhaps a more natural metal color or something. :) That way it becomes less a mass of green and purple tints.

The gloves are fine imo, they match the CoF boots well since the nail/fingers look like claws just like the feet do in the CoF boots. :P
2015-03-05 8:18