Ivory Arrow

By Parsec on February 18th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
14 13
6 1
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My ranger's current outfit; It's still experimental and all recommendations and suggestions are welcome!

Inspired by this bow:

Change log:
Honey Ice to Pastel Citrus
Celestial to Ivory/Ancient Silver (will upload screenshots soon)


I really like it! (But then, I am partial to the Norn cultural armour)

Perhaps experiment with different colours in place of the Honey Ice - there are tons of other gold shade colours and one of them might look even better :)
2015-02-18 3:47

You were absolutely right, I found a dye that does a very similar hue but with more saturation; it's almost perfect for what I'm going for. It's called Pastel Citrus and I'll replace the screens in the morning :)
2015-02-18 4:16

Fashion Collector
Beautifully-designed character. The helmet and boots look awesome, and I think they add something unique to the Wolf medium armor. Gold from me. c:
2015-02-18 13:39

I'm in love with that helmet! :D Reminds me of something, but I don't exaclty know what.. q.q Anyway,Great Look!
2015-02-18 14:04

I'd advise trying a different white to celestial - ivory, mithril or other "off-whites" show detail and definition better, whereas celestial - in my opinion - tends to look more like a texture glitch.
2015-02-21 23:11

I should say, however, that the overall design and colour scheme is unusual and creative. :)
2015-02-21 23:12

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I'm on the fence with this one. I like the concept, and the helmet looks very good (one of my favourite medium helms) but the celestial just does not look good ever. It makes anything you dye it with look like plastic. I would say use ivory instead of celestial, it's a white with a subtle gold undertone perfect match for your bow.
2015-03-22 3:03

Thanks Annette, I appreciate the input; I tried out ivory and a couple other off-whites and I agree it makes the look a lot more natural :)
2015-06-30 13:43

Fashion Guru
I like it :p
2015-07-03 10:41