You'll all eat my DUST

By ieva on November 19th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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Raptors are resilient and agile creatures. Thanks to their intelligence they are surprisingly easy to train. They can cover large distances with just one jump. For this reason, they are popular as mounts with many desert inhabitants.
The largest equestrian tournaments in Crystal Desert - World-renowned equestrian tournaments have their charm and especially here there are numerous top-class equestrian events, which are definitely worth a visit.
A big highlight in the tournament calendar is without doubt the Crystal Oasis Jumping and Dressage Derby, which is held annually in Hatari Tablelands and is considered one of the most important sporting events. It has a long tradition, where every year numerous visitors gather to admire the great mounts and riders.Unique is undoubtedly that the course has not even been changed over the years and is considered the most difficult in the world. Especially the natural obstacles, like the big wall, are a new challenge for mount and rider every year.
The "Prepare for a race around the desert" - daily races is recommended for young riders as an introduction to equestrian sports or simply to test their courage. Either speak with the Race Organizer Zoeya or enter the blue marked area to participate in the upcoming race. After the initial time count of 4 minutes ends, the actual race will begin. This sports event also has a very special flair, because it takes place at the Free City of Amnoon, one of the vacation resorts of the rich and beautiful.
The idea to create a female Raptor rider, a cavalier, came spontaneously.The armour is a mix of equestrian clothing (white pants, boots)and a touch of oriental (a turban and top decorated with golden details) exoticism.The colors: first I colored black (Armor Black dyed :, but I liked red, white, gold better.

The screens tell the story of a female Raptor rider, I hope you enjoy watching!
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Armor Dyes:
Weapons: Elonian Cutlass + Elonian Standard
Back Item: Basic Guild Cape


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