Nine-Ball Seraph mecha theme (Armored Core series)

By WinterSolstice8 on April 30th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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Nine-Ball/Hustler 1:
Why are all of you here?
Why do you insist on interfering?
The Corporation, the ACs, the Ravens' Nest...
All of these were formed by me.
For the sole purpose of recreating the world and humankind with it.
That's the duty to which I've been entrusted
Those who wield too much power...those who only bring chaos...they are simply not part of the program.
I was created to protect mankind and this world. I intend to fulfill this task.
Modifying level...
All system checks are complete.
Combat mode is now engaged.
Target verified, commencing hostilities!

The infamous, inhuman killing machine across the older generations of the Armored Core series. Also was specially featured as a higher tier opponent in Another Century, where you also had a playable mode for him to get to experience the glory of his ridiculously powerful combat abilities from more firepower, to stealth, to shielding abilities, and a transformation to a melee capable jet-like craft. Recreated as a partial human mecha suit design.

Due to the site not allowing me to post my combinations I'll be posting them here:
Head: Virtual Box (Off); Magma, Magma, Celestial Blue, Celestial Blue
Shoulders: Runic Slayer Pauldrons; Glossy Black, Red Lion, Glossy Black, Glossy Black
Chest: Mist Shard Plate; Glossy Black, Red Lion, Glossy Black
Gloves: Runic Slayer Gauntlets; Glossy Black, Magma, Glossy Black, Red Lion
Legs: Mist Shard Tassets; Magma, Glossy Black, Glossy Black
Feet: Runic Slayer Greaves; Red Lion, Magma, Glossy Black, Glossy Black



I like it. Gold
2020-04-30 9:00

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love the concept!
2020-05-06 8:31