Metal Head Fighter (Male)

By WinterSolstice8 on January 15th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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When you have that hard side of you, and can only let it out the most efficient way possible. Loud noise, music to get you pumped, strong movements, a good fight, and maybe a few beers. I wanted a loot fit for listening to some heavy metal, and also ready to get a little rough.

ATM the site isn't letting me update my armor specifications manually, so I'll have them here until I'm aware they're fixed.
Reading Glasses: Powder Blue
Studded Plate Pauldrons: Shadow Abyss, Powder Blue
Metal Legion "Imperator" Size: Shadow Abyss, Silver Satin, Powder Blue
Foefire Wraps: Shadow Abyss, Shadow Abyss, Silver Satin, Powder Blue
Council Guard Leggings: Shadow Violet, Silver Satin, Powder Blue
Mist Shard Greaves: Shadow Violet, Shadow Abyss, Powder Blue
Prize of the Boneskinner (backpiece)


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