Ascent to MADNESS

By ieva on October 28th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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2 1
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I heard about Halloween, a holiday event celebrated at the end of October at Lion's Arch. Costumes are worn, sweets collected and the events around the crazy King Thorn explored.
Quite unexpectedly, a letter from Magister Tassi fluttered into my mailbox. So I made my way to Lion's Arch to the Grand Piazza. I was so curious: what is behind the mysterious doors that appear everywhere in Tyria? And only at the edge of Lion's Arch did I remember that I needed a costume. So I got a pumpkin from field, made some slits for eyes and mouth and put the thing on my head...
As creepy as I looked, I wasn't afraid and knocked on one of those Halloween portals... expecting to get trick-or-treat bag. The door opened and I was suddenly in Ascent to Madness.
The old stories turned out to be true: King Thorn is a madman, and he threatens to bring corruption to all of Tyria with his madness.
After I got Royal Flame Sword and the new Pumpkin Crow, I thought about which look I could celebrate Halloween with. First I tossed between light and heavy armor and tried different mixes. Here I post my favorite with heavy armor. I had difficulty with colors. Because only with chest armor you can use 3 colors. Remaining armor pieces are limited to 2 color fields. That should fit the Pumpkin Crow and the weapons. I decided for orange dye and dark grey. In addition (for head and breast part) I set accents with Abyssal Forest. The skulls on the collar fit quite well to the Halloween theme and the spikes on the gloves and boots harmonize with the (vegetable) headboard.

I hope you like my madly driven Norn :)
Weapons: Royal Flame Sword* Touch of Madness & Gargoyle Hammer


Fashion Guru
Why is this silver, it’s gold all the way. Highly unusual and creative. Wish I’d done it lol!
2020-07-11 8:49

Apart from different tastes, there are also people who can't take/write criticism (and give 0 points, but don't have the balls to say it). If they achieve self-satisfaction through this, I don't begrudge them that :)
2020-07-15 5:59 in reply to shopaholic