Mecha 1 (Inspired by Armored Core 4) based on Primitive Light em

By WinterSolstice8 on October 11th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Town Clothes
Color: Orange
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So I absolutely LOVE the mechs from the series Armored Core. For me the peak games in terms of characters and mechs has been 4th gen.Their names are creatively interesting and a emblem that's equally as interesting to go with. Mind you this wasn't supposed to look anything like the mech itself considering that thing was massive and bulky and sorta box-like, but situating this on a daredevil with dual pistols certainly made this look and feel like I was playing a literal mech from the game. In the 4th gen you get a boost and quick boost ability which adds a fun mobility and energy management to the play of the game. To help add to the feel I used the Legion Jetpack backpiece for the extra sense and enjoyment of playing and sort of reliving it more naturally.I thought long and hard at equipment combinations, but ultimately this outfit did the trick for the look and color scheme far better than anything else I've looked at.

I have a future mech idea in mind to try for, but here's this one so far.

More info on what it's based on. So Armored Core serves as both the series name and name provided on the type of mechs used, but usually as the more useful solo sortie kind for taking on enemy forces. Common enemies would vary from tanks, helicopters, jets, mobile turrets, stationed turrets, armed vehicles or trains, experimental weapons, mercenaries, drones, and especially other armored cores. What brought a personal interest for me was the rivaling amount of customization to MMOs the series gets making it hours of fun without getting to the battlefield yet full of explosions and cool fights.In 4, your armored cores are much bigger than previous generations, and much faster as well. This does away with most the stealth ability, but not completely. This makes care of maneuvering and customization matter more for handling difficult enemies


Loved the Armored Core series! This looks great
2019-10-29 17:29