By ieva on July 17th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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"I don't make disguises, I make fashion that tells stories!"
Under this motto, I make magical fashion and specialize in unique and fantastic clothes for various occasions. My works are individually tailored to your wishes and are handmade with great care.

It all started when I first visited Trade Commons in Hoelbrak a few years ago. I was so fascinated by Tailoring Station, these fabrics, leather, furs, colorful spool threads, small pearl buttons and brilliant-cut diamonds, all the fashion colors with the most twisted names: Zaffre, Dapple, Sincerity, Frost Breeze, Glint's Ambition Dye, with which the individual shades of blue and green were designated...
Today I have my own Tailor studio in Hoelbrak. The work in my studio is above all one thing: colourful, varied and imaginative. It's important to me that the story of the character is told with the robe, but also that you can feel completely at home in it. My works are robustly crafted and I always choose materials, details and shapes that match the concept. With my different price categories, I can also respond to different budgets accordingly. Whether with a made-to-measure or the already finished outfits in the shop: With me everyone can dress up for his very personal adventure. You can easily assemble your look piece by piece with the different parts. So perfect for the first steps into the world of robes and fantasy. Unique designs, many colors and fabrics, but above all with a lot of attention to detail made in my studio for you. Favourite pieces instead of soulless mass-produced goods that you should fill with life!

This is my Story
I was looking for suitable styling for Mist Shard Coronet. Actually this look was created under the influence of Édouard Manet's painting "The Street Singer". In the course of the process after exchanging some armor pieces from street singer became a tailor, who is a little further away from my model:) From the first draft I kept only the headgear and the earthy palette of colours.
Since ANet has designed the tailoring station so lovingly, of course I immediately found a suitable place for my photo shooting.
I hope you like my little weaver-dressmaker in her studio
Weapon: Ultra Shiny Staff


I really like this. good job :)
2019-07-18 16:09

Many thanks!
2019-07-19 4:10 in reply to Joning

baba yaga
Looks like a dressmaker from the Middle Ages! Great work
2019-07-19 8:34

Thank you for compliment:)
2019-07-20 2:02 in reply to baba yaga