Mistress of MAGIC

By ieva on July 11th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Dear Ladies (and Gentlemen),
Are there strange things going on in your life or in your relationship? Do you feel that something is not right? That everything is jinxed?
At the latest then you should consider that black magic is being used against you. Especially if there are people who want to harm you, for example out of jealousy, envy, competition or even hatred.
Black magic? A curse? It may sound like a different epoch. Maybe you think something like that doesn't exist anymore. Or that such stories are pure fantasy. No, I can assure you that magical practices are still widespread today. Whether targeted magical attack or unconscious energy vampirism: anyone can become a victim of bewitchment!
How do I know all this? I am Mistress of Magic with lovestruck axe. Pretty. Educated. Helpful. And affordable.
One or two more sentences about the love spell: if we witches perform a love spell, then it is in any case general and never concentrated directly on a certain person - just so that no false impression is created. On the one hand, because we don't want to intervene in the life of another person, on the other hand, because the shot can go badly backwards. So no: "I want the Woody Bush to fall for me on the spot"! Because who wants to have a completely love-drunk Woody Bush on his skirt, who turns out to be a frog rather than a prince on closer inspection?
Magic is something that has always fascinated mankind. White magic does good, while black magic does damage to life and limb. Well, the realization is that there is no black or white magic. Magic is neutral, like electricity from the socket. It is up to us whether we connect a ventilator to it or an electric chair...
Your Mistress of Magic
Today I present my little Mistress of Magic with lovestruck axe :) I had the idea for Look quite spontaneously when I tried Requiem Coronet with this hairstyle. It's like magical dust in her hair.
Clothes make the man. Garments make witches. Those who work magically usually have a special ritual robe. Since there is no cape ingame, I used Vestments of the Lich in combination with Magician Legs (which matches the decorations on the axe).The skirt (with red stockings) and new shoes mix makes the look a little frisky. The armor coloring is quite simple with a few accents in strawberry, because hair is already glistening and the gloves. For a while I was thinking if this mix needs a back item. I think White Mantle Scroll fits quite well as a kind of "manuscript of spells".
For screens I tried a few different places and finally decided on the library of Kormir. Books hanging on trees, spiral staircases - that seems magical, mystical and suitable for my Mistress of Magic.
Here's another suggestion: https://i.imgur.com/lhxVbja.jpg if you don't like Strawberry :)

I hope you have fun with my Lovestruck Mistress...
Back Item: White Mantle Scroll


love the screens and the coordination of the outfit. gold :)
2019-07-12 14:01

Many thanks!
2019-07-12 14:53 in reply to hellviticus

Nice look, i love it uwu
2019-07-19 19:14

Thanks :)
2019-07-20 2:01 in reply to aretnac

great job !!
2019-08-16 8:10

And because that's so great, are you giving me bronze? Very funny...
2019-08-16 8:41 in reply to havelnaar

I like it very much and your tastes, nothing more to say. Gold given. Do you have Discord, please? I'd like to ask you for help with a look.
2019-08-22 4:15

Thanks for gold :) My discord:ieva#9033
2019-08-22 11:34 in reply to Selena

You're welcome, for some reason I can't add you.. Mine is: Selena#1601
2019-08-22 12:18