By ieva on March 9th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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A gruesomely scratching noise frightened her from her thoughts and mercilessly brought her back to hard reality. Forgetting all caution and fear of what she could see, her fighting spirit and thus the violence over her own body returned. With a jerk she opened her eyes and saw a huge castle gate in a black bone wall, the heavy bridge of which was just plumping down. So this is the huge building that he calls his bone palace...
Although it didn't take her too long to register what had happened, her reaction came much too late. By the time she turned her mount and got an overview of the situation, the Awakened squad had already been destroyed in all directions. Their eyes desperately palpated the cabinet-width backs of the repulsive creatures, but it was impossible to tell which of the bastards was holding their manuscript "Ars Goetia" in their arms. Anger and despair mingled in her heart, eating through her veins like a poisonous acid. Threateningly she put her fist in the sky...
She pulled the bridle by force, so that her mount rose up in horror and knocked its forepaws out, only to then cover the last miles to the Domain of Vabbi, chased by the devil.
This is my Story
A few days ago I was lucky to get an Etherbound Package from BLC. I think Etherbound Glider is quite nice. I tried the Etherbound Backpiece with 3 characters and all have clipping errors. But the biggest challenge are colors! The item has four colors (two metallic and two blue/violet), which change extremely after lighting at different times of day and on different maps. That drove me crazy :) In addition I had to choose weapons and colors, which didn't make my concept any easier. I think I found a reasonable mix of colors.
The look is similar to a slightly modified Centurion... And not only because of colors. Since I changed my guard's build, and am currently playing with scepter/focus, the concept of typical Centurion sword/shield representation broke again.
I used the shoulder at add metal ornaments (on helmet, shoes and back item) to supplement. The pointed parts on the back item harmonize quite well with the star on the leg dress and on one side with the gloves, even with edging of focus and scepter details. As a GS I currently use simple Krytan Greatsword Skin :) I think Dragonsblood Greatsword or Elonian Greatblade could also fit. As an alternative to Ars Goetia one could use King's Remembrance.
I hope you like my "fake" Centurion :)

Weapons: Defiant Glass Scepter & Ars Goetia
Back Item: Etherbound Backpiece (and Etherbound Glider)


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