Logans Daughter

By yunisha on February 10th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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7 3
1 0
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Hello, I'm Logan's daughter.
I live in Divinitys Reach and often walk around the castle. I talk to my friends and enjoy the wide view in our city. It's just beautiful here and I never want to leave. My father always told me about his many adventures and of course about his battles. But I don't find all this so exciting, because I am rather a quiet person and find the ordinary better.
Later I would like to travel to Lions Arch, but it can wait.


Fashion Guru
The pants are awesome, they look very good.
2019-02-10 9:36

Fashion Guru
Oh! Logan has daughter? I didn't know that :) Screen with book is really beautiful! A good start on this page
2019-02-10 19:26

Logans Daughter !? hope it was bassed on Jenna X Logan ship :p
2019-02-11 5:43 in reply to ieva

I really dont know, but i found that a nice little story xD
2019-02-14 10:56 in reply to ieva

Isn't she a little old to be his daughter? :D Guess he started really early... ^^
2019-02-16 12:15

Fashion Collector
Needs invisible footwear :)
Great work!
2019-02-17 0:13

Fashion Collector
looks nice :D but who is the mother ? O_O
the plot is on..
2019-02-23 16:58

I never thought the story would have such an impact. I had only seen the pictures of him and thought to myself "why not?" xD
2019-02-23 18:57

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