The ICE Sculptor

By ieva on January 6th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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3 0
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What do you know about Norn and the Shiverpeaks? I'm sure you only know a few things: Hoelbrak (is the center of the Norn society), Keg Brawl (an activity which is described as a norn interpretation of basketball, with kegs rather than balls and a lot of brawling), Great Hunt (features a dangerous beast for fighters and hunters to try to kill, as well as what is usually at a typical moot) and cold in winter.
Yes, it's not uncommon for people to drink too much at parties and to get into fights. It is much more unusual when this does not happen. But the Norn are a proud people full of life. They get angry quickly, but they forgive just as quickly. And my homeland is beautiful.
With soaring peaks reaching high into the sky (up over ten-thousand feet above sea level), the ice of the Shiverpeaks never melts, and it snows year round. Because the majority of the lakes and rivers in and around the mountains are frozen most of the time, conventional ships find it impossible to traverse them, though the dwarven sled ships and the kodan sanctuaries can pass over them with ease... Winding passes, sluggish glaciers, frozen forests, frosted plains, and snow fallen hills make up the majority of the terrain between the mountain peaks, and life can be encountered anywhere.
I live in a beautiful place with views over mountains, lakes and rivers. The forest is my pantry: I hunt moose and birds, fish and collect herbs, berries, mushrooms and birch sap. The Shiverpeak Mountains may be marked by darkness and cold in winter, but the extreme seasons also add to the appeal of the north. Winter here means short days and freezing temperatures. But winter is not just the time to retreat: you can also just enjoy the silence, relax and think. You can visit my workshop and watch me at work - now is the best time to carve ice sculptures...
I created a look for Glacial Weapon (which look like ice carving). With my choice of armor I wanted to find something "typical" for Norn. Armor colors (and screens) are wintery and adapted to weapons. Since there is nothing similar on this page (whether armor or weapons) I post now my presentation. Have fun with it!
Weapons: Glacial Hammer * Glacial Shield + Glacial Scepter * Glacial Staff


Fashion Guru
Wow, a fantastic idea, it's gorgeous. I can't understand how you can rate this idea with bronze. (Suggestions for improvements would help with such an evaluation, but I think there are no improvements)
Thanks for the nice presentation! ;)
2019-01-06 6:39

thank you for praise :)
2019-01-06 7:00 in reply to morv

Fashion Collector
quite a good look. I dont like the armor much, but its still a good mix and original.
2019-01-06 18:35

Coooold... nice charactor^^
2019-01-07 9:55

Thank you!
2019-01-07 16:59 in reply to otukando

2019-01-07 17:00 in reply to sweIvy

Fashion Guru
Good idea with guild decoration stuff :)
2019-01-21 7:41