Thora Gentleheart

By meggoffs on January 4th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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3 1
2 0
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Her favorite companion, a wolf named Fang, was killed by another Norn years ago and Thora has never really recovered. The event was fairly traumatizing and the murderer was exiled from Hoelbrak, but she knows that the pelt of her companion is being worn as a trophy and the image haunts her. She still collects pets for her profession and considers them tools that she can use to make herself stronger, but she hasn't given one a name since Fang.

Lornar's Pass has always been and probably always will be my favorite map. I just love the alpine woods and everything about the Norn. For medium armors I'm almost always looking for anything that doesn't feel like a heavy trenchcoat. There are some that really pull off the look well, but I can just never find a character where I feel like I want to drape it in heavy leather.


Fashion Guru
Beautiful Norn. Screen with Griffon I find very successful. And that with Trenchcoat - I agree with you. Especially as a Norn, you also want to show some tattoos xD You have my gold.
2019-01-05 2:21

Fashion Guru
You did a good job. The screenshots could be a bit more exciting in my opinion. But the screenshots are very clear and discreet. I like the griffin screen the best.
Furthermore, I rarely see a norn and think that it is beautiful. But I like this norn very much.
2019-01-05 5:58

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