Arctic Wanderer

By NeedForSleep on December 2nd, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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2 1
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The first look I'm posting here, thought I'd include a little story as to what inspired me to make this.

Head: None
Shoulders: Winters Pressence
Chest: Leystone Vestments
Gloves: Exalted
Leggings Carapiece Leggings
Boots: Foefire Greaves
Back: Wild Magic

Weapons: Glacial Dagger/ Howler
Infusions: Snow Diamond, Ghostly Infusions

"After travelling to the frozen Shiverpeaks in search of adventure, a certain Charr found herself caught in a terrible blizzard. Out of food, no shelter in sight, she collapsed into the ever growing snow. Fate however, had other plans for her. She would not perish that day, instead, rising up, converted into ice. Body shining like diamonds, becoming the embodiment of winter itself"

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Fashion Collector
This looks really bad-ass! Nice short story too for his :)
2018-12-02 5:39

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
i like it alot. awesome look
2018-12-03 11:10

Fashion Guru
Great look, i'd like to see more screenshots!
Love the story too, short but to the point! Awesome stuff!
2018-12-03 11:16

Fashion Guru
Finally! Glad to see you also here, not only on FB, welcome! :) As always, amazing job on your Charr!
2018-12-10 8:30

Fashion Guru
I wish you'd upload more pictures of your character.
2018-12-31 18:54

Ariel Charming
amazing unique!
2020-04-18 0:13