Santa Paws

By NeedForSleep on December 2nd, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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Wintersday is almost here! Thought I'd share the look I've been using for the last 6 years. The look has generally stayed the same throughout since launch, with a few additions here and there. Enjoy!

Head: Festive Hat
Shoulders: Winters Pressence
Chest: Braham's Chest
Gloves: Storm Gloves
Leggings: Braham's Leggings
Boots: Braham's Warboots
Backpiece: Zephyr Rucksack

Weapons: Moot/ any winter themed weapons

Infusions: Red Poly Infusion

Discuss this look on Reddit at GuildWarsDyeJob!


Fashion Guru
*insert pun with cat and santa/ christmas
2018-12-02 17:01

Fashion Guru
Hahaha! Great idea! Wish to meet that Santa in the game, I wonder what she has for me? I was good for all year, I swear! *cross his fingers* :D
2018-12-10 8:34