By ieva on November 7th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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3 0
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Everything all right over there? Stop talking about me as if I weren't here.
You think, I am an illusion... Your joy confounds me. You see only illusions? I don't believe you...

I am the Celestial Avatar. I found a book in Astralarium. A very old book.In Elona, the prophecy of the dawn of the night is one of the best known but least understood texts. I discovered a whole new page of this monumental historical event and tried to interpret astronomical signs! I had a vision of widespread chaos and destruction, and a ruined city that. I identified as Siren's Landing.
A few ghosts of Orrian royalty and handful of their servants have returned to this area, working to restore the Six Human Gods' reliquaries, hoping that such an act will speed up the recovery process and return Orr to its former glory.
I've been thinking about going back in time ... and maybe the extent of the manipulation of historical records can change that.
Do you think this is over? Don't let that fool you though.Through knowledge hidden in the stars, I can see firsthand how we meet again in the Astralarium. In the future...Why so nervous?
The history of Tyria is written in the stars, and indeed, the tales of the past and hints of the future are inscribed in the heavens. I will not keep you from your destiny!
And remember, the key to finding the Secret Sunspear Base is in a book called "Nightfall," which is located in the main archive.The book has been heavily edited and altered, with handwritten notes scribbled throughout.There's a page bookmarked. Turn to it...

This is my Story
The headpiece I personally like, yet rarely see used. And I've been thinking for a long time, where would it fit. I think and it ties into the shoulders, boots & gloves with claws on fingertips well.
I wanted a very natural dye scheme for this look that brought in the colors of the environment and at the same time to keep the characteristics of a Celestial Avatar.. So some blue glow added.
Also the Weapons were chosen to play along with her story, and keep with the celestial elements of the look.
I did not see such a combination either in the game or here, so I thought it would be interesting for you. I am looking forward to read your comments.
Weapons: Zodiac Greatsword *
Scion's Claw + Ley Line Focus + Horologicus


so creative...amazing.
2018-11-25 23:16

Thanks for the compliment, it is very motivating xD
2018-11-26 8:13 in reply to punchnello