Ahlerich the Ley-Line Seeker

By zenobia on August 11th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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How does a bookish, young scholar from Divinity’s Reach end up scrounging for journal page fragments in the aftermath of a bloodstone explosion while being pursued by murderous, magic-crazed White Mantle? Or wandering the chak-ridden ley tunnels of the Maguuma Jungle and fearing constant attack? Desire, curiosity, and perhaps fanaticism.

It was Magister Keadin who brought me into the Priory with promises of deeper knowledge of our universe and of discovery. As a recruit, I committed myself wholey to the ideology and objectives of the Priory. Nothing was said of the dangers of our expeditions or the physical and mental harships we would suffer in the name of discovery. But as these hardships and dangers arose and the other recruits wilted around me in fear or disillusionment, fleeing back to their stacks of scrolls in the Shiverpeaks, I steeled myself against all adversity. What is my life compared to the vast mystery of our existence? In the Priory, I have dedicated myself to the study of the magics that bind our world together. That is a goal that both demands and is worthy of sacrifice.

Today, my garments are soaked with the dark magic of bloodstones, my eyes have been blinded by ley energy, and ley magic tears through my body. My mind clings to mantras I learned in training. I am on the quiet edge of insanity, for no human is meant to be so close to these raw powers for so long. Still, I continue my unceasing mission for the Priory. The quest for knowledge is relentless and so, too, must I be relentless.


Weapons: Horologicus shield, Spectral Greatsword

Ahlerich was originally an awkward, lanky, noble-type mesmer that I wasn't too happy with. I gave him a haircut, toned down the flashy colors, and created a backstory for him. :)


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