Wrass The Awakened Slayer

By Roadredfashiowar on June 28th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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12 2
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Wrass a Sunspear revenant devoted to Kormir. His wife and son were killed by The Mordant Crescent, since then consumed by the pain of the loss and bloodlust for revenge he prayed Kormir with all his will and soul to give him the power to free his people from Joko's grasp. Kormir blessed him. He can now brand awakened weapons without being corrupt and make them deadlier. Kormir also granted him the power to prevent human transformation into awakened. He now walks alone in the deserts of Elona killing all the awakened in his path, he wont find peace until Joko is defeated.


Lucent Mirage
It's so good with new sword skin,I love your armor mix!
2018-06-29 21:46

Fashion Guru
It's a little on the dark side so it's hard to see the images clearly but I do like what I see.
2018-06-30 1:32

I'll try to add more day light screenshots ^^
2018-06-30 1:48 in reply to Dace

Thank you! I'm glad you like =)
2018-06-30 1:52 in reply to Lucent Mirage

Fashion Guru
Great look! I also appreciate choice of expensive exclusive dyes.
2018-06-30 7:17

Great look! I realy love your armor mix!
2018-07-02 5:02

Damn nice job! After quite a while a VERY original style that really took my attention the very first moment. Awesome!
2018-07-03 17:13

Looks fantastic! I love the weapon choices a lot as well. Like some others have said screens are a bit dark, but other than that awesome!
2018-09-30 8:48