Xog The Renegade

By Roadredfashiowar on June 18th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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4 3
1 0
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Casted away from the norn society, enslaved by The Sons of Svanir since he was born, they made him kill his family to spare his life. Since that day all it is left of him is hate for himself and everything around him. There's no mercy no pain or fear to stop him, he has become the perfect killing machine, all he enjoys is butchering his enemies, especially Sons of Svanir. He now lives in the village where he was tortured and sleeps in the house where he killed his parents. It is his costant reminder of how weak it was and how strong he must become. A shaman once said to him that he has no spirit animal except, the wolf of darkness summoned directly from his black soul.

(I'll add more screenshots in the future)


Fashion Collector
Holy shit.

That tattoo, that breather, that torn up cloth and scrappy armor, those chains and blood and mount! You hit the nail perfectly, you managed to create something far more thematically accurate than most people uploading their looks nowadays.

You totally deserve Gold my man, and please, stick to the dark theme and be creative by providing your character with a story that is intriguing.

Keep up the good work, here's your Gold!
2018-06-19 3:48

I'm really glad you like it. Dark theme, stories and looks are my speciality. (Not gonna lie I was waiting for your comment, it feels good to have an enthusiast for my stories)
2018-06-19 8:16 in reply to RASCALLON

Fashion Collector
i dig this armor look and i love how you used the tattoo. the story is great. i think the only thing i might change would be to add another color to give the armor more depth, because everything is black. but that's me being a little picky. this is great!
2018-06-19 18:58

Fashion Collector
Woah! This is awesome!!!
2018-06-20 6:33

2018-06-21 3:11

Yeah I've seen that look, didn't like the style except for the chest,mask and tattoo and I created my own version and thought about a story behind it.
2018-06-21 6:24 in reply to h0ze

This norn is badass, i love rust on amror :D Gold !
2018-10-05 12:30