Hendrik the Forsaken

By carrider on June 19th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Born a child of desert, the smoldering sand is the only world known to him. Once a proud chief of the Khamseh nomadic tribe he was idolised by those in his care. Though this was not a lasting effect, it was roughly 49 sunrises into his leadership when the first of many misfortunes fell upon him and his people.

Whilst traversing through the Nedivi wastelands in the searing heat in the search for a spot to spend the night the unfortunate happened...Those in the front lines ahead of Hendrik suddenly disappeared into the sand as if swallowed by the earth itself. The only belongings left above the sands surface were the numerous shreds of torn linen that once shielded their eyes from sand storms.

Before anyone could properly react to what they just saw, the sand begun swirling at their feet. In an instant those around Hendrik begun getting swallowed themselves. First a child, then an elder, than his childhood friend. Though this time something was different...Rather than being swallowed by the sand, they were being swallowed whole by sand sharks, each the size of a chiefs tent. It was a sight of pure nightmare. Suddenly, spurred on by both rage and adrenaline Hendrik grabbed the nearest bow on the ground that once belonged to his friend and a handful of arrows scattered across the swirling sand.

it was at that moment when a familiar voiced screamed out in terror behind him...He knew that voice all too well, it was that of his wife Faye. Almost too afraid to see the sight of what was befalling behind him, Hendrik forced himself to swivel around whilst also notching an arrow. It was indeed Faye. She had fallen over and a sand shark had taken that opportunity to make an easy meal of her. He knew that he couldn't let this happen. All was not yet lost, with the swiftness of a desert jackal he fully pulled back the course bow string, took aim and released.

Time seemed to slow down whilst the arrow travel through the air. Hendrik had aimed just above the beasts beady eye ball in the hopes of penetrating the skull and killing the brain, but it seemed to be just of from it designated target. To his despair the arrow flew past the creature, missing it by mere inches. Time sped up and in seemingly an instant both Faye and the sand shark were gone from sight, deep into the sand...
Hendrik barely survived with his life that day and still bares the scars from the ordeal, both physically and mentally. No one else had made it out and the only items of work he had left on him were his deceased friends bow and a tattered section of his wife's blue linen dress left behind after her death. He wears this dress segment around his neck to this day, coloring other pieces of his clothes in a shade of blue to show his undying love for her.

Hendriks life is now one of solitude and despair...One where he takes on desert bounties and missions in order to give his life some small fragment of meaning. Both through these and a monthly pilgrimage he strives to reconnect with his old life in the hopes of rekindling a sliver of happiness within his heart.


Tragic story, fitting look and mostly original. Nice screenshots too. I like it =) I'm giving you gold, but please add the name of armor parts and the backpiece
2018-06-19 11:13

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