Celestial Pursuit

By Syvera on May 15th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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10 4
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Angel Guardian.

Playing around with some ornate armor. Gold and White. I'm in love with the angelic look and have been getting it down finally for my main. Plus I just love taking screenshots!

Sooner or later I'll replace the white wings with gold. More pizzazz. Maybe the valkyrie looking headpiece too

"As a child, I roamed the streets of Divinity's Reach for spare morsels. I do not remember much of my childhood. I don't remember the faces of my parents, however, I recall the face of a soldier very well. He offered me a home in an empire west of the Wynchona Woods. We spent most of our lives there, and he soon became ruler of his kingdom.

I was raised as a weapon. I mastered every instrument of destruction that I could hold and was taught the skills of battle. I breathed war and bathed in the blood of the empire's opponents. It was only a few years spent before I became leader of our troops. I was the king's ruthless machine.

The king became very greed in his old age. I was nothing more than a tool to him that slaughtered innocent people for money, land, and power. I had enough.
I confronted him, refusing his assignments and ordering the guards away. I promised him I would never be a part of his unjustly killings again.

The room was infested with an uneasy silence. The king's brow fell heavy with anger. An order emitted low from his lips, and tension shot through the room. He ordered my men to kill their leader.

I was not afraid, but bitter and furious. The soldiers approached me, armed to murder their own commander. A spark ignited in me, and waves of fire sprouted from my hands, engulfing the entirety of the forsaken city. I destroyed my home and the people who raised me, and almost entirely myself.

When I woke, wings had broken through my skin and my own digits could summon flames. I was housed in a palace of gold, catered to by spirits of Dwayna. Legends had told them to save a sprouted hero. They praised me for defeating an evil king, but I was sunken in sorrow for the losses I created.

Upon returning to my kingdom in the wood, I gazed over the castle ruins. No survivors lingered and spirits prowled the area. I promised I would never hurt the innocent again.

No longer am I a weapon or stray. No longer will I serve the law or those against it. I will serve the good in the world, the true justice that has hidden itself from these lands. "


Aww she is really cute and i am in love with this screenshots!
2018-05-15 6:40

Fashion Collector
Wow, you did it! You made Ascended weapon skin look regal and godly. Props to you for that!

Let's begin from the beggining. I would like to see some elaboration on who she is and how is she "angelic", simple extra background wouldn't hurt the look. The outfit you went for is pretty well mixed, making your weapon stand out in a glowy way that nicely compliment the theme you were aiming for.

Screenshots are surprisingly well taken, the angles, the camera, everything seems to be in place. Although I would like to say, some storyboard-like screenshots would really be cool in your future posts, making them fit together thematically and story-wise, if you feel me. Something like a comic strip, that would be soooo cool, I always appreciate that kind of extra work put into a look. It creates this nice immersion you got to feel from a simple look.

I usually comment only on looks that are vehemently bad and needs advice, or looks that caught my eye in a way that it needs to be commented on. Your look did the latter and the only right grade for your look would be of course Gold.

2018-05-15 8:01

Thank you so much! I'm sort of starting a story for her. I posted it in my last look and will post here when I get a chance! :)
2018-05-16 0:09

Fashion Guru
love how she looks like she starts crying every second :'D

(btw this looks better than the dwayna outfit!!)
2018-05-16 12:30

This is stunning! Love your work.
2018-05-16 17:51

Perfect combination of colors that really bring together the armour and weapon styles. An exact representation of what I imagine an Angel Warrior to look like. The screenshots alone are incredible and look so professional. The kind of work that makes me appreciate the game and want to play even more.

Amazing work and I look forward to seeing more from you. Keep up the great work!!!
2018-05-16 18:18

Story is great! I love the armor, the mix, and the dyes. It's very hard to get Phalanx to dye and match with other pieces. And not just the armor mix but even the character herself is really well done, the face, the eyes and hair! Gold from me.
2018-05-20 18:51

She is sincerely beautiful!
2018-05-20 19:07

Oh Man I couldn't scroll past that use of ascended weaponry. Good job!
2018-05-20 19:16

Great armor, great screens, great story! Amazing job
2018-10-30 1:11

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