Vehtendi Student

By akki on March 17th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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9 4
1 0
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Like most children from Vabi, she was sent to Vehtendi Akademi. She was student of the Rolic's house. She study hart to that King Joko make from her high-ranking officer in the Mordant Crescent. Everything changed when the Explorer Mora came to the academy and according to him, King Joko rewriting history, and he is not a god. She did not have time to ask him more questions because the explorer had to run away from Awakened Canids.
She could not believe what she heard for a long time, she prayed and asked for a sign, but it didn't come. One day, she decided to leave the academy and see if Explorer Mora was telling the truth. She took the direction on Amnoon

It all started when I decided to get a Berserker armor in Malchor's Leap. I always thought that the Aurora armor looks nice and very sugary, I did not know how to use it properly until I painted it deeply glacial teal. This is how the idea for the Vehtendi student was born.


Fashion Guru
Very nice !!!
2018-03-18 11:55

Hey there,

I really like the color-sheme! The look overall is a good mix, not too flashy, yet still very stylish! The screenshots are also good.
Overall very nice work here and deserves a gold!
2018-03-19 5:44

Meant to comment on this earlier :x i like this! a nice little bit of story there and the subtle dyes look very pretty. It's a nice subtle look showing that even without infusions/any sorta effects a look can still stand well on its own. Gold from me
2018-04-19 17:22

I've never found use for Aurora armor either ... that looks great with a head piece of Funerary Armor.I also like your story. So gold from me :)
2018-11-05 14:09

Fashion Guru
looks great :)
2019-01-15 15:12

This is really pretty
2019-07-08 8:56

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