Akki Mirage

By akki on November 18th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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This is my first post and I warmly welcome you
I made a mesmer only for Path of Fire expansion. I wanted to show it before it erased. Creating this image has given me a lot of pleasure. At first I wanted to use pants on my Sylvari, but they did not fit, it turned out that the Human look great.

Please be honest and let me know what you think :D


Welcome to gw2style! I'm not sure if your posting this just for documentation reasons but if not i think people simply are not voting because they are not sure what you're going for, maybe establishing more of a theme would help. I greatly hope this doesn't discourage you from posting though! the more active members on this site the better! :)
2017-11-19 10:43

You have not discouraged me. I'm in the process of preparing the next character.
I created Akki Mierage emerged for specialization and I had no plans for her. But as soon as I saw the trousers and the lunatic mask I knew that she would wear it. I know that there is no story or story for this character, but I showed it to hear your opinion about the combination of armor, color.
2017-11-21 9:38 in reply to AberrationCreation

I'm glad to not have done that. About this armor i like the color and combo but maybe could use some extra oomph, but this all depends on what you're going for sometimes simple can be better (sorry can't give more specific advice then that since i don't have a light armor char)
Anyway excited to see your next character :D
2017-11-21 22:35 in reply to akki