Norn Paladin

By jaysus273 on January 10th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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I was underwhelmed by any of the paladin styles I found, so I decided to make my own take on a Norn paladin.
This is not inspired by anything, I just looked through previews until I found a combination I liked.
Replace the boots with Stag Greaves if you don't own Path of Fire


Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I'm not sold on gloves and boots, the Draconic gloves are very close to the Inquest Pauldrons and the decorative patterns are very noticeable (so it's easy to see the gloves not going well with the shoulder piece), while the Greaves clash with the rest.

How about Dolyak Gauntlets and Council Guard Greaves? The first one matches the Inquest patterns and the second one goes along the Ascalonian one, I'd also suggest the Illustrous Greaves (matching the pattern as well) but they clip with Koda's.
2018-01-10 19:01

Thanks for the feedback - the Dolyak gauntlets don't go well with the shoulders, as the metal texture is very different and it doesn't hold colours in the same way.

I do think that Stag Greaves are the best for the overall look (the Council Guard Greaves have a similar issue to the Dolyak Gauntlets, although it's a little better as it's seperated from other metal by the legs), I used those before Path of Fire but liked the slightly fancier look of these boots personally.
2018-01-10 22:03 in reply to Dr Dark Matter Ryff

Fashion Collector
Hey fam, love the "classic" GW2 style you got there, everyone has the shiniest stuff but every once in a while, to see this kind of armor is very refreshing, imho. I personally can't really undergo such task, because I'm too critical about myself and I would totally fuck it up with my glowing things.

Anyway, Koda's gear is the choice to choose when you want your outfit look more "galant" or "valiant"--you feel me? And you did it nicely.

However, as I write everywhere, I would like to see some backstory because without backstory I can't really rate your outfit accordingly, if you come up with something, I will change my rating. For now, it's SILVER from me.

2018-01-11 7:05

Thanks for the kind words - unfortunately I'm awful at writing and had no backstory in mind when making this, just the word "Paladin". I just wanted to share it to hopefully inspire people, and am fine with a silver rating. Thank you!
2018-01-13 6:54 in reply to RASCALLON