My Fair Lady

By Eivene on November 12th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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1 8
0 0
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A callback to 19th and early 20th century women's fashion; my feisty-yet-proper, heavy-yet-light Spellbreaker.

I'll be honest and say I've always had the hardest time dressing up in heavy armor. An elementalist at heart, I can't help but try and create cloth-like appearances wherever I go.

When the spellbreaker was introduced, it felt to me like a reference to the GW1 mesmer playstyle, so I set out to create a warrior/mesmer feel. The swaggering hat adding a very Hepburn touch.


Fashion Guru
Whoa, I thought you nailed a good look here but I'm wrong. The colors pop but they are all over the place. The outfit is confusing to look at the present state. For the armor mix, chest-leggings-gloves are OK. Shoulders and boots, I'm not convinced.
2017-11-12 14:38

Thanks for your comments :) I'm not really convinced by the shoulders and boots either to be honest. I'll keep working on this.
2017-11-12 15:08

I love how the hat and the leggins frame the outfit! However everything that is between is a little cluttered to me as well. I wouldn't give anything lower than Silver so take that.
2017-11-13 17:01

Elessar Taralom
I agree with Iris, I loved the look at first sight, but I am not convinced by the dyes at all
They are a little all over the place and I don´t think they echo the noble style of the armour too well
I like the screens you provided though, don´t shy away from submitting even a few more!
It´s a silver for me, but apart from the dyes I really see a lot of potential here ^^
2017-11-13 17:41

Fashion Guru
As everyone has said, this is a great concept that needs work! Loving the hat, tassets and gloves, but not sure about everything else.I think this is going to be very difficult look to create in heavy armour but it would sure be impressive if you do!
2017-11-14 15:07

Thank you for your feedback! I see your point about the dyes, maybe a different kind of purple without the reddish hue. Or maybe something altogether a different colour. I've never really made purple work before but I'm adamant to keep trying.
2017-11-15 13:30 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Challenge accepted :D I'm going to keep working at it, thank you for your comments, Mihrean!
2017-11-15 13:30 in reply to Mihrean

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I'm not sold on the gloves and the dyes, the gold hue's fine but I can see it differs from piece to piece.

Maybe a slightly warmer kind of white over Celestial? So it blends better with the other colors.

You're missing the shoulders, as it is right now the Scarf would be ok, I think.

You need at least a pic with a rapier.
2018-01-09 9:25

if you don't have it already, get Bonetti's rapier on her. absolutely in love that outfit! changing from celestial to white would be nice, since it's just a bit less saturation on it. also, the purple dye on your Doge: replace it with red to match the outfit! :P
2018-06-16 23:30