Octavia Hellguard, Valkyrie of Valhalla

By roymusttang on August 25th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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Octavia did not learn about her Demi-god background until she was older. She was from a small village where she lived with her mother and sister. Thieu father has no presence in their life and its like he never existed. Growing up she studied Valhalla and was always obsessed and awed by the Valkyries and one day wanted to hopefully achieve her dream of becoming one. Octavia's sister Artemisia had other plans and her own path and wanted nothing to do with the trials. The older they got the more they grew apart as Octavia was always out hunting for the village and trying to prove her prowess for the trials, Artemisia on the other hand was very distant and in the end wound up taking on dark arts. During the eve of the trials on Octavia's 18th birthday the village was attacked by Wyvern's and that's the day everything changed. Her sister disappeared and was thought to be dead but in time became a servant to the darkness before eventually mastering it and became general of the underworld. During the Wyvern attack their mother was killed and with the village in ruins Octavia swore to hunt down the Wyvern who did it.

Eventually a week later she found the Wyvern and slayed it, but not before she took the skull as a reminder and now wears it on her arm. Octavia eventually collapsed after from the wounds she received but right before she died she was approached by the gods. Octavia was brought against a council of gods and there they offered her the option to become a Valkyrie and be a guardian to the gates of Valhalla its there that she got her wings and was made known of her Demi--god powers..
Before she left she was given a gift... a Hammer that seemingly was left behind by her sister for her. Octavia named her hammer Entropy as a symbol of her sister moving from order to disorder.

Till this day Octavia still searches for her sister and swears to be able to her the twisted laughing of her sister in her head when she sleeps..

this is my first character who i finally finished fully.
I originally wanted to really give her the chaos gloves but soon after realized without the dragonhunter gauntlets she looked REALLY off.

Any feeback is welcome! C:
also yes, Artemsia is coming soon, she is being worked on

also believe me i really wanted a nice picture of me fighting a Wyvern but it was not working out


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