Snow Storm

By Katushka on May 18th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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20 3
1 0
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This is one of older looks on one of my oldest charracters, I finally got into the mood for documenting it. So here I present Inga :)

The original armor combination was full Stag in glacial dyes, I had it like that for over a year. When changing the armor pieces, I wanted to preserve the "true norn" vibe. There might appear some minor clippings, but nothing too serious :)
I wanted the armor, hair and skin colors to match the nordic/frozen theme. The main color is "Ghost", I really love this one.
I gave her white eyes to add a little supernatural effect, and a scar to emphasize her fighting spirit.
Weapons are Kodan. I originally wanted to use Corrupted, because I like their frozen aura effect, but they were "too blue". These have IMO better shape and color.
Screens are from The Shiverpeaks.


I really really love her!
You made an awesome look with mixing the different norn skins, which makes her look like an experienced norn warrior.
Also the dyes give a nice cold vibe and fit very well with the weapons and the overall frost theme.
I also really like her face. She looks beautiful and yet a bit scary with the white eyes and the scar.
You screens look also great and show of the looks very nicely.
Gold! :)
2017-05-19 6:27

Fashion Guru
Thanks much, I'm glad you like her ^^
2017-05-19 8:43 in reply to NanaItalia

Fashion Guru
This seems like a classic norn look that is very well put together. Nothing too original but your dye choices and weapons are perfect. The screens with the snow are also very lovely. I really like the way you've matched the fur on the spaulders and legplates.
2017-05-19 10:05

Fashion Collector
love how the character herself looks. very unique and pretty. may I ask what "filter" thingy you used on your screenshots? :D I see a lot of people using a kind of filter and it looks really neat. id love to try it myself
2017-05-19 10:27

Typical norn look with outstanding dyes!
I love how you kept the colour-scheme subtle and muted, looks very tasteful!
Your screens have a bit too much editing for my taste, but they do look great :D
my favorite screen is the middle one in the bottom row! It looks pretty epic and the background is very nice!!! I think i wouldve chosen that as main pic :P
Gold from me!
2017-05-19 10:37

Fashion Guru
Thank you :) I'm happy someone noticed the matching fur, because it took me some time to manage :D
2017-05-19 11:01 in reply to Mihrean

Fashion Guru
Hello :) Thanks for comment. I'm using thingy called Reshade (I think I got it here There are plenty of filters from which you can choose. I like "AmbientLight" the most, so I usually use this one and sometimes try to add one or two more. Here are all the effects explained if you are interested
2017-05-19 11:11 in reply to Beckie93

Fashion Guru
Thanks much ^^
I didn't edit the pictures themselfs, only used two filters in game for ambient light and brighter gamma (do I say it right? mb reduced gamma idk). I don't like how the character is almost black on some screens, but without the filter the atmosphere would be gone too, so I kept it that way :)
And I'm always struggling when choosing the main picture :D I think you're right and I'll change it :P Thanks for advice :)
2017-05-19 11:16 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
She is a beautiful cultural Norn. Great dye work and the screens are amazing. Gold from me.
2017-05-20 3:41

Fashion Guru
Thank you :)
2017-05-20 21:52 in reply to jesandsteven

Elessar Taralom
She really is a classical beautiful Norn, well done!
The dyes are impeccably chosen and give her something extra to stand out and your presentation leaves nothing to wish for
Fill gold on all sliders :)
2017-05-21 5:04

Fashion Guru
Classic and pretty look. It may not be very original but it has it's style. I like the delicate and subtle colors, I can feel the "cold" just by looking at those screenies :).
2017-05-21 7:54

Really nice looking norn =D
2017-05-21 10:03

Fashion Guru
Thanks, I'm happy you like her :)
2017-05-21 15:52 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Thank you :)
2017-05-21 15:54 in reply to horsie

Fashion Guru
Thanks ^^
2017-05-21 15:54 in reply to frederickx

ohh she is beautiful :) I love this hairstyle with her gorgeous face!
the armor mix looks really nice. I like the matching fur parts and that the gauntlets look like they belong to braham's armor set!
the only thing not matching 100% imo is the metal part of the shoulders, the style looks kinda different than the other pieces. still very beautiful look!
gold from me :)
2017-05-29 7:02

Fashion Guru
Thanks much :) I agree, the shoulders look much better from behind than from front.
2017-05-29 17:08 in reply to Chro