Battle-Hardened Pact Commander

By cmapple on May 18th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Silver
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After each harrowing battle; the Commander emerges even more resilient and his resolve strengthens to rid Tyria of the threat of the elder dragons. He finds courage through his adventure from the trophies he collects and the companions he assists. Wielding a sword still cursed with the magic of the Foefire and his raiments emblazoned with leystone from Mordremoth's domain, he will hunt down any lead or any chance to rid the world of the Elder Dragons.

I tried to give this look the feeling of an adventurer, like his look has changed throughout his quest to stop the elder dragons, such as the houndskin mantle which can be seen as needed to keep warm in the cold against the minions of Jormag or the ghostly sword gained from delving into the depths of catacombs underneath Ascalon. Hope you enjoy this look!


That chest piece fits very well with those shoulders and the dyes looks very realistic.
Good job! :)
2017-05-18 10:07

Oh wow I thought your guy was wearing heavy armor at first.
2017-05-18 15:24

Very nice armor-comb!
He looks like norn actually, pretty cool. The shield-skin you chose is amazing! It makes him look like a viking or sth., even though he is light armor.
I kinda miss a screen from hero panel or char-select, since your screens are very wild and combat oriented. Its a bit difficult to see his armor in its whole beauty :P
2017-05-19 10:42

Ah thanks! I knew there was something i had forgotten to add but couldnt remember what
2017-05-21 10:31 in reply to Hylek

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