Gadget Knight Eidhardt

By Refia Montes on April 11th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Silver
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"Despite wearing heavy armor, I'm not like other warriors, guardians and revenants in Tyria. While they fight with brute force, prayers and Mist magic, I'd like to keep my foes at bay and support my comrades with my trusty hammer and gadgets."

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a look that I've been working hard on the past days. I'm pretty happy on how it turned out and I hope you guys like it as well. Seeing how metallic Triumphant medium armor is made me inspired me to make this look.

I went for a dye scheme that was mostly silver with some bit of black in the cloth parts and a bit of blue steel.

(colored his hair blonde kinda reminds me of Genos from OPM XD)

Discuss this look on Reddit at GuildWarsDyeJob!


That is one heck of a cover screen (I LOVE that skill)! Your others are great as well. Combined with the quote I think that's worthy of a gold.
2017-04-11 12:31

Refia Montes
2017-04-11 12:37 in reply to KestrelGirl

A very unique combination of amor pieces, I haven't seen in the game so far. I like the simple coloration and the slim look of it. Even if I imagine Genos to be very pale, or having nearly white skin, because there is no blood your armor looks a lot like a cyborg. Specially the head gives that impression. Great screens, very pleasant colours and for me a new and unique look. Gold :)
2017-04-11 13:32

Fashion Collector
This looks nice, but it feels like you focused too much on trying to force it into a heavy look, the shoulders do mesh well into the chestpiece, but they don't fit the theme very well, I do like how well the rest come together, but I'm sure you could've easily switched around the leggings to break up the bladed bottom a bit, I know for one that the koda legs are fantastic for this chestpiece. On the helmet, I get the feel you tried to give it, but it's a bit too hedged, as there are far better helmets to show the heavy side of this look, as in ascalonian or prowler, and there are better tinkerer helms, in the eyepatch category. Dye picks do go well together, but can't help the feel it looks a bit too clean for a gadgeteer, all in all, it's a nice look, but I reckon you can improve this a whole lot.
2017-04-11 15:56

Love the knight theme for medium armor.
I see the resemblence to Genos xD
Great upload! :)
2017-04-12 7:12

this is very similar to my ranger's look despite the shoulders and headpiece :P guess we had the same idea there creating a knight in medium armor!
saying that, ofc I like this look ;D the main screen looks so badass!
if only he had black eye balls, he would truly look like genos :p
gold for you!
2017-04-12 8:40

Great cover screenshot! :o It looks awesome.
I really do like the mashup you did and I love it even more it being medium armor and not heavy.
I'm not sure about the trousers and the dye you chose for them, but hey, overall it looks really really great.
Well done! :D
2017-04-12 9:39

Refia Montes
2017-04-12 9:51 in reply to Fenral

Refia Montes
Well, my primary goal was to make Heavy Armor with Medium pieces. The Gadget Knight title I gave was just something I thought on the fly, as he was a soldier donned in heavy armor that uses engineer kits and turrets. The helmet I would really agree on, as it didn't really give that much heaviness or the gadget side of the look. Though, I choose the helmet cause I didn't want it to cover his hair and still wanted to mesh it well with the heaviness of the armor. Thanks though, I appreciate the critique.
2017-04-12 9:59 in reply to Ashwolf

Refia Montes
2017-04-12 10:06 in reply to Hylek

Refia Montes

thanks for the vote!
2017-04-12 10:06 in reply to Chro

Refia Montes
Yeah, the trousers and boots are a weird choice... I was looking for something less spiky but still metallic in feel.
2017-04-12 10:07 in reply to sevencat

Your main screen is lovely and he is very good looking. His style reminds me of the Valkyrie chronicles game! He would fit well into fantasy anime!
A minor suggestion from me is to make his body shape slimmer so he shows the inverted triangle manly build!
2017-04-13 19:06

Really cool concept!
2017-04-14 19:49

god damn, just need One punch man and we are ok !
2017-10-05 0:18