The golden spawn of life

By mihana on March 29th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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4 5
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Naminèy, a warrior solely known by her first name.

A hero of Kryta, who gained fame, love and respect from every citizen. Her heroic actions saved Divinity's Reach in the cold war against an army of undead.

Jenna, the Queen, rewarded her for her brave acts of kindness and courage, so she outweight her in gold and gave her a wreath of cooperation, in order to honor her.
Naminey is a kind, humble and generous person.
She donated the gold to the citizens of Divinity's Reach to give them the possibility to build schools, hospitals and universitys.

However, she used a small part of the gold, in order to let her armor shine as bright as she can, in order to bring light, even to the darkest places.

Naminèy fights with a bow, which was forged for her by an angel out of the mists.
With this bow, she trys to bring peace, happiness and especially life everywhere she goes.

Eventhough she is a huge warrior and is famous for her heroic actions, she never was able to kill a person.
Her weapons solely effect creatures, whos heart and soul has been devoured by the vortex of darkness and have lost their connection to their old self.

Hello and welcome to my second post!
I used one of my favourit characters in this postand wrote a story to her.

Her name, design and powers are a little inspired by the character "Namine" from Kingdom Hearts.

I hope you liked it and leave a comment below!
Your mihana!


Lovely screens. Armor mix is old but gold. No its really nice looking character, story is nice as well.
2017-03-29 20:55

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