Ambrite Warrior Arises

By hellsqueen on February 17th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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"Even things that don't happen to you, happen for a reason." - Inferni Reine

"I have traveled far and wide to eliminate you, I have my people crying in the mists for the things you have done to them." a young sylvari says in a deep and pained voice.

"And you think you can stop me? I want to know the secret of the Sylvari race and I will find out." exclaimed the vicious voice of an Asura clad in red.

"You have run from your fate for too long, you will no longer run experiments on my siblings and the desert rescuers!" she yelled, diving into battle.

Her passion and anger drove her to the extremes of destruction, she tore the small asura to shreds and countless explosions could be heard in the distance. Many of the Inquest Asura fled their base, along with the Zephyrite and Sylvari prisoners feeling to the nearby medic camp.

Her world went dark as she got slammed by the explosions, she lay on the floor passed out from the pain and smoke, her spirit making another attempt at fleeing to the mists. A nearby warrior and explorer helping rescue Zephyrites from a nearby crash heard the explosion and dodged between the fleeing people, assuming there was people needing to be rescued. He saw many people coming out alive and just as we was about to walk off to the camp with the last of the people escaping one turned to him and said in a soft, weak voice,
"She hasn't come out yet."

"Who hasn't come out yet?" he asked, his deep and sweet voice said.

"The young woman who saved us and tore the place apart, she told us to run as fast and she would be right behind us."

The warrior ran into the smoke filled room with a medical bag at his side. He saw the pale and strangely glowing Sylvari on the ground, he dragged her body out of the room and then he began to try and revive her. After a while she began to cough and her eyes fluttered open, she stared at her handsome rescuer who was slightly covered in smoke. He had a pony tail holding back his slightly long, dark hair and his firm, defined face and perfectly curved jaw.

"You alright?" he asked, looking at her amazed eyes.

"I thought I was returning to the mists, but you brought me back." she spoke softly, still cough occasionally.

"You look like you have been on quite the adventure and have a wonderful story to tell." he said with an intrigued smile on his face.

"Well, how about you meet me at The Grove in two weeks on this very day at noon and I will tell it to you. I must first return to the Mother Tree and tell her of my success."

She triumphantly returned home, while the warrior returned to helping to locals of Dry Top as he looked for forward to meeting the mystifying woman of the trees.

Two weeks had passed and at around noon she went to the entrance of The Grove and waited for the warrior to show up. He strode in and was overwhelmed by her beauty all over again. She hugged him and dragged him to a local bar and began to tell her tale.

"You know of the dream, right? My people rave about the dream, they exclaim that it guides them to there destiny. I was born during a release of plague in our forest and I was given very little in my dream, no understanding of where my destiny would lead me. Waking up to no dream left me feeling empty, my people find comfort in knowing a snippet of their future and I was an outsider to this knowledge. I never knew this pain would be the preparation for my future." she said in a soft voice, almost feeling like she could feel those pains again.

"I avoided making friends. Scared to let people in because I thought the dream destined me to be alone. Very few, if any of by siblings have ever experienced an empty dream. Eventually, a fellow child of the Pale Mother came to me and told me she recognized me from her dream and I decided that I would go with her, because she was the closest thing I had to a dream. We traveled to where she was destined to go, she left for Dry Top to seek out the Zephyrites, we went in on foot and ventured our way around, she wanted to study Ambrite and fossils and one day when I left her to play with some of the nature around her, she was taken by the Inquest and I didn't know how to save her with no weapons, so I ran and they chased me down. I ran far, slowly dying of thirst in a dust storm. I passed out at an oasis beyond some centaurs abilities to save me, they helped me peacefully enter the mists."

"I was trapped there for too long, it was lonely and terrifying but I had remembered feeling it all before. My lack of dream prepared me for the loneliness. My time in the mist was temporary, I was stuck in dangerous terrain where I met my mentors Ventari and Glint. They taught me skills to take into battle as I heard the screams of the Zephyrite and my Sylvari family, crying bloody murder. However, I didn't realise that they were also teaching me skills to cope with my final challenge, a puzzle of intelligence and will power, to escape the mists. After being in stuck in the darkness trying to cope, my friend came to me telling me I had been forgiven and if I wished to free myself of the guilt that I would continue to feel, I would need to save the lives of many from the murderer who has taken the lives of many more. I agreed to take on the challenge and the puzzle to escape was laid out before me."

"Once I escape, I was thrown back into my body that the kind centaur had laid to rest in a beautiful spot where I was covered in leaves and flowers. The centaur said my revival was glorious, the leaves and flowers had combined around me to rejuvenate my body and they formed weapons and armor as a gift from the mists, They were made of Ambrite and the weapons contained the first ambrite fossils my friend had found. My heart told me that I was already where I needed to be and I stormed back across the desert, my heart lead me to the building I destroyed and well, that's where you know the rest." She finally finished her story.

She was finally at peace with her past and the warrior knew she would make a great partner.


It's been a while since I posted, I was feeling burnt out from the game from doing so much in such a little time, but I am back which means more outfits. Speaking of which, I have made some that I have been pretty pleased with and this is one of them, I finally got around to taking pictures, it was hard to decide where to take pictures, but I think I am happy with how they turned out. I might upload an update for my necromancer, who has gone through some epic changes and she looks bad ass.

Would love some constructive feed back, thanks.


10/10 would rush in again
2017-02-17 9:11

Looks great. Everything so naturally well together. Beautiful screenshots too.
2017-02-17 10:36

Beautiful screenies and very pretty Sylvari! Definetly gold!
2017-02-17 20:26

Thank so much everyone :)
2017-02-18 8:16

Fashion Guru
Beautiful dye choices.
2017-02-19 4:46

Fashion Guru
I like that. You got my gold
2018-12-31 21:29