A Pirate's Life For Me

By hellsqueen on October 23rd, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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Where do I begin? How about Rata Sum?

I grew up there before I grew into the being I am today. It's a terrible place to grow up really, everything is competitive and elitist. If you aren't smart, you're a disappointment and you know what? You can bet your left arm and your right leg that I was one of those disappointments.

Daughter of Porvon and Moira Voluer, "two of the greatest minds you will ever see in Statics" they always used to tell me. They cared more about my mind than me, I was placed in Statics education as soon as possible. I was told I was born with the intention of "surpassing us, to become the greatest mind to ever do Statics and bring the family name huge prestige".

Well, let's just say that I was definitely not destined to live up to those expectations. In fact I was scolded, a lot. My behaviour was apparently not suited for Asura of such importance. My Gran always gave off the illusion she was more supportive, she always told me to follow my dreams, but I was fooled by her too. They all wanted me to be a success, she let me be a kid but she still wanted success.

I lived my life imagining I was elsewhere and wanting too many of these self titled geniuses to just disappear. All throughout my time studying at the College of Statics, I used most of what I learned to cause quite a bit of trouble and it caused quite a hassle for my parents to have to be called up and told the first child to their name was being nothing but a hassle. The first few incidents inspired an urgent need for them to have another child.

My sister handled it a lot better than I did, she was bright and had the hunger to learn. Although, less of a disappointment to the family name in terms of intelligence, her field of choice was not one our parents admired.

Eventually I was expelled from the College of Statics and exiled from Rata Sum in one foul swoop, the final straw was when I reverse engineered the fumagation chamber and merged it with the air ducts all around Rata Sum and used it spread an awful smelling skritt dung gas all through out the place. If I had to call anything genius, it was that piece of artistry right there. The place stunk really bad for a few days until they worked out how to undo the lock I placed on it followed by having to actually reverse the adjustments of the fumagation and violently airing the air ducts with cold air in the middle of winter.

After the meeting in which it was decided I was to be exiled the following day, I had to decide where I wanted to live. I intended to move somewhere in Metrica Province, mostly so I could still see my sister and support her. That all fell through, apparently news was spreading and I wasn't really wanted in many of the Asura inhabited places. I ended up traveling for a while until I ended up in Lion's Arch, a gritty place filled with "friendly" pirates. I found it quite a charming places and there was a level of freedom to it, a freedom I always desired.

Lion's Arch became my home, after a year or so I found a crew to set sail with who came back to Lion's Arch regularly which allowed me to settle into my own home there. We did our fair share of smuggling, adventuring, treasure hunting and a bit of stealing here and there, so needless to say we weren't good but at least we stole from the snobby rich people and not the poor people. The loot we ended up getting mostly went towards reselling in Lion's Arch for a much larger profit that was split amongst the crew of The Siren's Song.

We thought we were getting paid fine, that was until one day I was chosen to go and guard Captain Laguno at one of the meetings with the merchants to whom we would sell our supply to. That's when my big brain came in handy, Captain Laguno was ripping off the crew. At that point I informed them of the Captain's slight of hand when it came to the money and it was easy to start a mutiny from there.

The crew and I confronted Laguno and challenged him.

"So you all want fair pay, well which one of blithering bilge rats is going to come and take from me?" Captain Laguno belted out, confident that none would be brave enough to face him. You could tell by the looks on all of their faces that he was almost right to believe it so.

"Then I will, I'll take the money and I'll take that Captain position from your hands, you rotten sea snake!" I wasn't really sure what came over me and I regretted it the moment I set the challenge forth.

"Why you ungrateful little weasel, I took you in when you had no where else to go and now you are going to be the one who betrays me. I'll make sure you end up rotting at the bottom of the sea." There was venom in the Captain's voice.

We fought to the death, I bounced around as he did his best to pin me down with his two swords that were nearly as long in length as I was. I darted around until eventually I sliced the back of his leg with my poisoned blade and then as he cursed and went to leap for me, I lost my arm as I stabbed him in the throat. The crew helped stitch me up and cleaned up the mess on the deck.

They gave me the title and I became Captain Voluer of The Siren's Song. I paid them what we agreed upon and managed to start making better dealings with the merchants to get more for the crew and myself. Eventually I earned enough to settle down but not before I lost my leg to a Risen Megalodon hunting for artifacts that would sell for a huge price, after that I lessened my time at sea and instead spent more time on the business end.

My crew would do their work as they always did and I worked on the business dealings. During their times at sea when I wouldn't go it would give me time to see my sister and have her see me. She even convinced the rest of my family to see what I made of myself, although they still would have liked for me to be the College of Statics child genius they still were impressed with the life I had created. I guess I was lucky I found my place in life and found my way in the world.


This is my little sea faring Asura. With a spunky attitude and business mind, she became the greatest Captain that The Siren's Song would ever know.
I couldn't bring it in me to not make her look just a little bit cute though.

The screens were amazingly fun to do and I tried mixing some things up with camera positioning and such. Overall, this was a fun project.
As usual, love constructive feedback :)


Top shit
2017-10-23 4:26

Fashion Guru
Your screens are wonderful and really entertaining to look through. Your armour choices fit perfectly and I loved reading your story. Dyes are maybe a hint too dark for my tastes but that may simply just be that the screens are at night/inside. 100% gold regardless :)
2017-10-24 1:29

Aww thank you so much! They are a bit dark and I did notice that they did feel a lot darker where I took the screens. I was going to do the brown on the shirt as well and do the hat black instead but for some reason it just didn't feel as right.
2017-10-28 0:33

Elessar Taralom
What a cute little pirate!
I always have soft spot for pirate looks and this is no exception
Really well done, gold from me ^^
2017-10-28 14:09