Borderlands of Morality

By hellsqueen on August 13th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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"Born out of the cycle of night,
where darkness grows strong,
a Sylvari is born into the Pale Tree's light.
The dream shows a long road ahead,
a fighter of dragons and many left dead.
Craving adventure and pure of soul,
torn from light and turned ice cold.
The future that awaits you I fear,
is one that will cause tear after tear.
After you cry your rivers to their edge,
make to me this little pledge.
You will mend that which you broke,
and follow the dream to which you awoke."
- The Pale Tree's Prophecy for dear Infernum Reine.

The wise words of the Pale Tree did not stick with Infernum in her youngest hours, even though the words were not false, her desire for adventure was far too great and her commitment to the Pale Tree and the prophetic dream were far too weak. Ready for adventure, she clothed and picked up some simple plant blades to lead her on her way.

The world around her was fascinating, she thought everything was beautiful until she wandered into a dark and scary den, covered in briarthorn. The dream had informed her of the dangers of the Nightmare, but curiosity can lead anyone astray. She learned of Nightmare but it was of great disinterest, there was no adventure and even though born of night, she still had light that sparkled in her soul.

Adventuring the land had taken her great lengths, helping people for sanctuary for long nights, gear and money all for her survival. Upon exploring far and wide, a little island caught her eye. Ships crowded and the smell of rum, she joined with them for a promised adventure of the water. With a gift of parrot hilt and moon shaped daggers, pillaging and plundering became the life that she went on to lead, slaughtering the innocent with the promise of gold and more truth to which the prophecy would hold.

One day her Captain had lead the crew astray on leading them to the land one day, with rumors of treasure buried in sand, took them to a desert with danger about and not from the creatures under the ground. They discovered what was like the pirates of the land, Bandits who were living about their sandy sea. Discovering the pirates true goals, he sold off the Sylvari to be a male's play toy and ran with his crew back to where they preferred to be, back to a life on the salty sea.

The Sylvari was not scared being surrounded by men, she took her blade and sliced through one's throat and demanded respect from them. Their leader came along and looked at the scene, the Bandit woman impressed by the plant's lethal nature recruited her along for their life of danger.

Traveling inland to a human village, she went with them raiding along with more killing, Until they were thwarted by a well armored man, with his two blades and demonic power starting to form he killed leader in front of them all. The rest were all cowering in fear, but young Infernum decided to look for a fight, she wanted a challenge like she'd never had in her life. Her two little daggers slashed away, when she finally got him to the ground his demon stance wore off and the look on his face was one she never forgot. His eyes were green and looked so charming too, she couldn't bring her blade down to his throat. She looked at the destruction around her, a child left dying from the edge of her blade, in the arms of it's crying mother. Remembering her past, she broke down in tears on the chest of the one who would lift her back to grace.

She walked to the mother with tears in her eyes, looked at the child's slowly dying eyes, hoping that the Pale Tree would give her a chance to redeem, she pulled off a leaf of her very own skin. Placing it where her blade had left it's mark, she hoped to her mother that it would heal him before he died. The Pale Tree allowing to give her chance, healed the child to it's health but left the Sylvari with a permanent mark, almost like a scratch from her blade, it left her with a constant slight pain as to give her a reminder that she would never forget that for every life she innocent life she took, she would destroy bad with blades to restore herself to grace.

Very few people after this moment were allowed to see her face, instead she wore a mask and it was a face she feared from her nightmares from her past, it combined the bandannas from her pirate days and the mask she wore when with the bandits after a raid on a Dredge facility. It was the face she hated and forced herself to wear in order to punish those in order to change the path she was headed.

She fought alongside with the light of her life, until a grassy tendril stole his life.
"Don't forget me, my precious little tree. Live your life strong, long and well. You've already redeemed yourself as far as I am concerned, but keep going forever and send the bastards to hell." He choked out the words whilst spurting blood. With a kiss on his forehead, he died in her arms. She ran from the jungle with a huge hole in her heart, she returned to his family and asked where to bury him. They attended a funeral and said for her to visit regularly. She returned home to her mother's embrace, not sure how to continue back to grace, but when another born of the dream showed up in her presence it blew her away. The new born had the eyes of her lover and smile somewhat the same, she felt his presence in a new way. The new born although not male too, had the personality of the human man and his similar dreams too. She followed her heart in this new way and fell in love with this girl all the same, they fought side by side and avenged her old love.

Although prophecy unfinished, most had come true. She made her mistakes and started over new. Although the damage was not undone, she took the bad lives to return life for some.
Another upload, this time my thief to add to the collection. Let me know about my screens and please check my other uploads since I sometimes update my older uploads with improved screens.

The look I was going for here was sort of a Borderland's and Borderland's 2 Bandit inspired look it was meant to reflect a heavy combat assassin. This shirt is one of my favourite medium armors and I've tried hard to use it in many looks but this one definitely won me over.


Elessar Taralom
I do definitely like the look more without the mask, but I appreciate that you chose something with a particular theme and stuck with it
It´s a little hard to make an original outfit on medium armour without a trenchcoat as the choices here are limited, but I feel like the lower half especially helped keeping this an interesting concept
The dyes evoke a rocker/leathery feeling which I quite like, it help the orange pop; I dislike the Midnight Sky on the pants a little, but that´s about it
Your screens are simply amazing, you managed to get a lot of really cool action shots which certainly took some time
The first two screens in particular are my favourites (and the ones without the mask xD)
With this much effort in the presentation and daring to create something a little ugly a gold only seems fair!
2016-08-13 5:43

Fashion Collector
really interesting look, love the pants here
your screens are mindblowingly good and your overall presentation is definitely gold-worthy and helps to make up for some minor flaws I see in the dye scheme
nice work
2016-08-13 5:55

Another quality upload, the colouring is unique and amazing, the armor choices are incredible and different and definitely suit your story. I looked up Borderlands Bandit and I see what you were going for and I think it worked really well. Your screens suit the situation and as always your stories are INCREDIBLE and I look forward to reading them every time you post, and you post more story now than earlier and it's great. The poem this time is uniquely beautiful. If I could I would give it more than a gold!
2016-08-13 7:44

Aww thank you everyone! :)
2016-08-13 8:24

That story literally made me cry ...BECAUSE IS SAH CUTE AND I'M IN IT....TWICE
2016-08-13 9:30

2016-08-13 9:32

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2016-08-13 9:41

I can definitely feel the Borderlands vibe here!
The armor-comb is very steampunky and i love that you chose this helmet! I think its a very cool skin and it makes quite sense in your comb :D
Your colour-concept is a bit too colourful for my taste. Id rather see a more natural colour than the blueish tone, but then again, that makes her look much more original! ;) Definitely just minor critique!
You absolutely delivered with this story here! Even if such long stories are not necessary, its very nice to see people putting so much effort in their presentation and their characters!!! Very well done! :D
Last but not least you have some really nice screenshots! I absolutely love the ones where she stands behind the fire, they look really badass!
Gold for you! :)
2016-08-13 11:33

Fashion Guru
Well I highly disagree with Krait here that the others are lying about their oppinion but whatever :D
Now to your look. I was simply amazed by this detailed and huge story you created for her. It was very interesting to read and I like how you indirectly explained some of your armour choices like the mask. You took a huge risk using this particular skin to create something very interesting and I think you succeeded. It actually does fit with your story and although I am personally not a big fan of the mask in general I still give you credit for such an interesting choice.
I really like the pants and the boots you used here it creates a more interesting outfit since the Kryta's top is a very common item others are using on medium armour and for a good reason since it's a beautiful skin and thankfully not another coat.
The only thing that is a little bit flawed here is the colour combo imo. I actually really like this orange touch it creates a nice contrast but I would get rid of the dark blue tone and use something more natural instead. Generally I think some more natural dyes would work a little bit better with your outfit but that's just one tiny thing.
Your screens on the other hand are very nicely done! I really like how you managed to capture some very interesting action shots and there all diverse and very pretty!
You really took some effort and it will be rewarded with gold :3
2016-08-13 12:30

Aww thanks everyone! :)
I am glad everyone loves the stories, writing is definitely something I enjoy doing even though I'll never do anything with it and I guess the more poetic vibe I took with this one is from what I have been doing at University.
I appreciate everyone's thoughts and I may do some adjusting, but I may not change much. I know people think the blue clashes and that's cool, I get that it was bold choice, I was intending for denim vibe but if I went for a light denim I don't think it would have captured that same darkness that this has about it. I do need to fix up the colouring for the vest to match with the belts on the pants, but I need to get those correct oranges first but it's a matter of finding them, so I was more than happy to work with what I had because I was super pleased with this look :)
2016-08-13 22:58

Fashion Guru
I really love the look but I hate when you put the mask it doesn't fit with it but without it is perfect so gold from me
2016-08-14 13:48

I actually quite like the helmet, it's rarely used and it fits your theme really well. You used a really nice variety of dies as well, great job :)
2016-08-14 19:16

I know people are saying the mask doesn't fit the outfit, but it fits my theme. It is a look based off another game that I catered to turn into a heavy combat assassin or mercenary. Also, it makes this outfit way more threatening, I would be scared if the masked version approached me as opposed to the unmasked version. But personal opinions, I get it.
2016-08-15 11:12 in reply to wipalmi032

I just saw this in the looks battle page...and rushed here to see the full version...the main screen is incredible and had me screaming best design ever for the helmet! The screen was also extremely well taken and very though provoking. Full marks Gold!
2016-11-27 8:41

Aww, thank you so much! :D
2017-01-16 19:00

Fashion Guru
Top story, top screens, top armour mix! Gold
2018-12-11 7:29