Sverrir Astus, the Chronomancer Sage

By Violent Muffin on February 4th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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A more typical mage/scholar mesmer look.


Fashion Collector
Really nice combo
2017-02-04 8:08

fantastic armor combination, very mesmery dyes, and your character's head reminds me of Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse but with a goatee.

2017-02-04 13:02

Violent Muffin
I had to look him up, and I can see that. ^^ My friend told me long time ago that my mesmer looks like someone from Nightwish... :P To be honest he expresses a bit my unfulfilled dream of being a true metalhead. xD
2017-02-04 14:45 in reply to katunix

Fashion Guru
Purple norn mes \o/ I do have quite the soft spot for mesmers in purple garb
2017-02-07 0:37

Violent Muffin
I wanted to highlight his "mesmeriness," and since I had bought many dyes I could pick a nice looking purple. ^^
2017-02-09 13:56 in reply to jesandsteven