By Kilorbo on December 25th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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1 6
1 0
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Feel like a greek hoplite walking around Tyria


I like roman warrior styles and yours looks pretty good, though maybe a bit standard :P
The weapons you chose are very good too!
However, you should put more effort into your presentation!
One screen is pretty disappointing tbh.
Try to find some nice loactions and use cool poses to take screens there. You can play with the camera options to get a better full-body view of your character or more interesting picture-compositions. A screen from hero-panel or character select is always nice to show your look in neutral light.
Id really like to rate higher here, but your presentation keeps me from it :/
Great style, but needs more screens!
2016-12-25 12:06

Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-25 15:28

Good thing you gave him a Bronze instead ...
Do you even get the rating system?
There are 5 sliders. Two of them being SCREENSHOTS and DESCRIPTION.
I NEVER said this look is bad, but you obviously didnt even read my comment before bullshitting on it ...

This look is absolutely awesome!!! I gave you max sliders on armor and dyes.
But the vote consists of all 5 sliders ... and i couldnt raise the ones for screens and description any higher, so overall the vote is dragged down because of a lack of presentation.

Sorry Kilorbo for spamming your look! But i need to get things right with this Wonder Wabbit guy who just seems to be toxic and unable to receive criticism.
2016-12-25 16:09 in reply to

Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-25 16:19 in reply to Hylek

I really like the look! It makes me wanna start on watching the Spartacus series all over again ^^!

However i get the feeling of a Roman warrior, instead of a Gladiator.. I miss some screenshots and a better description.. But as you posted the look with "Help Wanted", i believe you do not care about the rating but more about constructive feedback.

I think you should drop the helmet, since it really gives me the feeling of a Roman warrior.. Also, he doesn't seem to be touched by the battles in the Arenas. Make tough him up a little bit ;-). You get a Silver from me, with due to the lag of screen and description.

With that out of mind i think you nailed the colors! Really good job!
2016-12-26 4:00

Fashion Guru
Seems like a solid enough look, though we only get to see two-thirds of it in your single screen. More screenshots would be nice. Show off your look. Brag about it in the description. If you're proud of a look, show it!

As Hylek pointed out, a lack of screens/presentation will drag the rating down, even though the look itself appears great. Despite what Wonder Wabbit may infer, these aren't heartless criticisms, but honest and constructive critiques to help you better present and show your look to the site. Take them and apply them as you see fit. Hope to see some pictures added so we can all appreciate how nice this look is.
2016-12-26 4:00

Elessar Taralom
Since this is a "Help Wanted" look I assume you didn´t want to overdo it with the presentation and that´s fine, just keep in mind that a goldworthy upload needs goldworthy screens and description :)
As a gladiator look you really did a solid job, the dyes are especially well done ^^
If you decide to upload this with a good presentation this will certainly be gold for me!
2016-12-27 9:54

Fashion Guru
I think this is a very solid look! I like the overall theme, the dyes and the weapons you chose. They are really fitting and giving me a great Gladiator- vibe. Keep at it!

But you could improve on your presentation a little bit. It's a help wanted look, so I will give you a small advice that next time you should pay attention to your description and your screenshots. Also don't forget to specify your weapons, as well :D
It's a very good start and I think with some more screens and a good description you are good to go and it would be a well- deserved look.
As for the rating right now: I won't vote on this one simply because you were seeking for help with this upload and I think that it's rather unfair to vote on these kind of looks but if you decide to re- upload or re-work this upload, just gimme a call and I will give you a fair vote!
2016-12-27 10:05