Girly Christmas Soldier

By viriyap on December 5th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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9 0
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Mainly its combination between leystone legging and duelist coat to make the clothes looks like short skirt. Together with wintersday earmuff, scarf, and candy cane hammer makes it align with christmas concept

I really like this style backview, which we all mainly see our characters from behind


Fashion Guru
I like the look overall, showing some skin on legs might not be the brightest idea in winter, as it is just freezingly cold. However, the concept and the dyes make it very winter-like with a christmas spirit.

Not sure how exactly the gallant rifle fits there, but everyone got their own taste.
Overall nice look and dyes, not very fitting for outdoor winter action but yet again due to the scarf and the earmuffs it's maybe also not the best idea in a warm comfy house. it does feel vibrant though.

Silver from me
2016-12-06 8:45

Thanks for the input! My mistake in naming the style (already edit it to christmas soldier :D). My focus to this style actually on girly side, which makes her seems to wear short skirt..

And for the weapon I found more suitable one using candy cane hammer :)
2016-12-06 23:43

Fashion Guru
She would fit so well with my charr.
He's not (yet) uploaded, but believe me, she would.
2016-12-07 15:46 in reply to viriyap

Dark Fairy Princess
I think your armor selection and dye choice are great especially for an engineer!
Really enjoy the hammer scarf combo.
The look is so perfect that it makes her face seem 'meh'.
Regardless, I gave the look a gold.
I think it's really balanced.
2016-12-09 22:09