Another Way In

By Truck on November 21st, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Hello, this is my Asura Gob. I designed him to look a little crazy and nerdy, yet still make him fit a scientist and genius theme as Asura usually have.

Gob is an ingenious hacker who used to work for the Arcane Council secretly. He was trained to hack any system based on Asura technology so the Council had access to it.
However, he had almost been imprisoned for suspicion to work with inquest agents, which was when he decided to leave Rata Sum for a while.
When he came back, things had changed, and so had the security technology.
His plan was to release a friend who had been wrongly imprisoned for the same reason, however, getting through the new technology is a little bit complicated for him.
So he decides, for his first time, to manually get to the console and hack it.
Of course he needs to stay hidden from peacemakers or other suspicious detectives who would search for him in Rata Sum.
With help of his D-VICE he could easily get around in the city without being spotted, he could even fly around with it.

So yeah I hope you like the look and all, I'm still fairly new to the site so please don't judge me too harsh for my mistakes. I tried to work hard for the screenshots this time, as I saw on the site many good uploads with cool screenshots. All screenshots are normal so they are not enhanced with anything except from a program called reshade which changes a little bit of sweetfx I think.
I really like the light green dyes in this game as they work well with the reflections especially on metallic armor. Rugged parts are more dark here because they should look like belts or something where he has possible tools hidden. I tried to keep his looks a little bit technical for the Asuran vibe but wanted to also make him look like a crazy person who left Rata Sum.
Scientific pistols on this are just perfect I think, as they have some scientific... feel... yeah. I just noticed that the name implies that.
I wanted to get that mini golem backpack but I don't have much stuff in game yet so I still try to get a lot of skins and dyes :)
I am still looking for a shortbow skin for him as most of them just don't fit a crazy green person, and the scientific one is just so derpy.
Other than that I hope you like it (yet again) and please leave me critics if something doesn't feel right about him, I would love to improve.


Fashion Guru
Really great look!
Your Asura truely looks nerdy and a little bit crazy and I love it! The armour mix is very nice I like the Viper chestpiece and I think it's a nice combo between the more "technologic" looking pieces you used. It's a liittle bit too much Magitech for my taste but then again you managed not to use the most dominant parts of the set and that's why it doesn't bother me too much here.
I really like your dyejob it's a nice mix between different greenish shades combined with a good dark tone. Good contrast and it fits his skin tone :D
It's very noticable that you took some effort making those screenshots and you did a very great job and delivered us some different and cool poses, different camera angles and I can see that you successfully used fitting emotes to fitting situations. I especially love the screens where he seems to interact with the holographs. Great timing here!

Your hard work really pays off, from description to the overall look to the screens you did a great job and you even payed attention to some small details like giving him the right weapon, hairstyle and even the gilder fits perfectly. To me it's a gold! :3
2016-11-21 7:23

One of the quirkiest designs I've seen and very original! He deserves nothing less than gold. Gold!
2016-11-21 8:18

Thank you, my only concern about the look are the boots so far, tehy have so different reflections and also don't fit too much, and if it helps, it would also be one less magitech part on the whole set if I replaced them.
2016-11-21 9:24 in reply to AnaChronism

Heh, thank you :D
It's as much fun to play him as it is to look at this haha
2016-11-21 9:25 in reply to Eremite

Absolutely love this character :D
His green skin and hair make him look so unique!
I love the quirky appearence, such a funny concept!
The scientific weapons really work well here and your presentation is top quality!
Gold for that :)
2016-11-21 9:50

Thank you a lot of your looks inspired me to go ahead and post on this site
2016-11-21 10:26 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Your character creation is just top notch for the theme. He really has a great "mad scientist" look! Your attention to detail earns you a well deserved gold from me.
2016-11-21 12:49

Thank you, I actually didn't think people would like it that much I got a very own taste for things :D
2016-11-21 14:22 in reply to jesandsteven

This is *excellent*. You've nailed the mad scientist look, and more specifically, made it fit the overall Guild Wars aesthetic - he doesn't look like a 'modern day human mad scientist', but one that could actually fit into Rata Sum. Plus, the screenshots are great - I love the sneaking around :D
2016-11-24 5:05

Thanks a lot :D
2016-11-24 8:19 in reply to Pixie